Becky Lynch On If SmackDown Women Get The Same Opportunities As On RAW, Stephanie McMahon

Becky Lynch was recently interviewed by Digital Spy to promote the current UK tour and the upcoming Starrcade WWE live event later this month. Below are a couple of highlights:

If she would want to face Stephanie McMahon:

"That would be amazing. I don't think we've seen her in a ring apart from that tiny altercation with Ronda Rousey [at WrestleMania 31] since her match with Brie Bella. It was a great match and I think that was the match I was most excited for on that card at the time. It was great to see such a spotlight on the women and I think it was tremendous."

Being captain of the SmackDown Women's team at The Survivor Series:

"When I was the first Women's Champion for SmackDown Live, it was a great source of joy and pride for me. It was my mission to make sure it was the better brand and that it had very engaging storylines and that people would get invested in whatever was going on. I wanted them to really care about the women we have on SmackDown Live and of course the men.

"At Survivor Series last year we got the opportunity to showcase that, we really did, and we had that feeling that the fans were behind us. Maybe sometimes it seems like we're not getting as many opportunities as they get on Raw so the fans root behind that they feel sympathetic towards that."

Becky also discussed Asuka, Starrcade, Natalya facing Charlotte in a steel cage at the event and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Digital Spy


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