Big Cass On Getting Injured During His Push, Making Changes To His Personal Life, When He'll Return

Big Cass was in the midst of a push by the WWE before he suffered a legitimate injury the night after SummerSlam. Cass recently joined the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast to discuss what he's been up to during his time off and much more.

Cass had split from Enzo Amore and was being billed as a top heel in the singles division. He was on the verge of putting his feud with Amore to an end, but tore his ACL during a Street Fight with Amore and the match was called off. He is expected to be out of action for eight to nine months. Cass admitted he was emotional after he suffered the injury.

"I knew immediately when I hit the floor. I felt the pop and heard the pop, and when I got up I just couldn't put weight on it, and i knew right away, I told the ref after I told my ACL that I think I could finish the match, but that didn't happen. The second I collapsed he told me to get out of the ring, and that is when reality set in. The second I rolled out, all I am thinking is 8-9 months I am out. I was on my way out," he said. "I just defeated Big Show at SummerSlam, I'm rocking & rolling, just finished my feud with Enzo, but all I was thinking was how huge of a set back that was. I was really angry and emotional, which is how I normally am, angry and emotional, and just the thought---I always wanted to be here and do this finally on my own, but at that point all I think about is 8-9 moths on the shelf, I just got really emotional, it's just how I am."

Cass said he's just been rehabbing his knee and getting back to weightlifting while training with John Cena's trainer. He's also made some changes in his personal life, including moving to Florida.

"I just bought a new house in Tampa, Florida. Pretty much rehabbing twice a day and training with Rob McIntyre, who is John Cena's trainer; getting back in shape lifting wise," he said. "Kind of hanging around the house, doing some Fantasy Football and also brushing up on my Spanish so when I come back I will be a little better at Spanish. I took four semesters in College, after that fourth semester I was pretty good but I haven't had any practice since so I am just going back and brushing up on it a little bit."

Cass said he watches RAW every Monday even though he tries not to. He said he has ideas for how he'll make his return, but he doesn't want to reveal them just yet.

"I told myself when I got hurt that I wasn't going to watch, but every Monday at 8pm I find myself watching. I mean, I have been a fan my entire life; I tried to stay away from it, but i just have to watch it," he said. "Everyday I have a vision. Driving to rehab, and while I am at rehab I have many visions, which I keep stored in my head. I have plenty of visions for how I want to return and a few people I want to make an impact with."

Cass said everything has been on track with his rehab and he has an idea for when he'll be able to make his comeback.

"I'm right on schedule from right when the surgeon said," he said. "So it should be shortly after WrestleMania."

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Source: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.


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