Big Update On The Future Of Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground officially announced today that they will return for a fourth season. The third season, which finished airing in October, was taped over a year ago from March - May of 2016.

It is not known what talent will appear in the upcoming season, although Johnny Mundo will apparently have a big role, as he is the only wrestler featured in the promo above for the new season. In the promo, Mundo says that he will "take back what's [his]... Welcome to Slam Town!"

Mundo debuted for Impact Wrestling this past summer. Mundo told Ring Rust Radio in September that he signed with Impact because of the long hiatus, but was still confident about Lucha Underground returning for a fourth season.

"I'm very confident that there's going to be another season of Lucha Underground," Mundo said. "The factor that went into my decision in going to Impact was really that it felt like it was a great opportunity for me to get to do everything. Impact, Lucha, AAA, and it doesn't feel like I'm really given up anything. Lucha Underground was on hiatus for so long I haven't been doing any new wrestling for a TV show in over a year and I was starting to feel a little antsy in the pantsy to get out in the ring and do something in front of national audience. This opportunity with Impact came up and I felt like I needed to jump on it. Antsy in the pantsy? Ever see the movie Super Troopers? It comes from Super Troopers with the maple syrup and they get all syrupy and antsy in the pantsy, it's just a funny thing to say."

@KOllomani and Charles Maynard contributed to this article.


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