Braun Strowman On Being Tossed In A Dumpster, Strongman Winner Says He's Making WWE Appearance, More

- Above is an interview with Braun Strowman from Ringside Fest in New York City last weekend. In the video, Strowman checks out his WWE "Monsters Line" action figure and talks about meeting fans, if he has any other titles in his sights other than the Universal Championship and more. He was also asked about being thrown into a garbage truck and having chairs dropped on him from the ceiling at WWE TLC last week.


"It was terrifying because at any given moment, I thought I was going to crushed to be death," Strowman said. "[Being] stuffed in the back of a garbage truck with tons of trash and all of that other stuff at the end of the day was not ideally what I was looking to do. But you know what? I enjoy going out there to do that for you people."

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- The Malestrom has an interview with Strongman Eddie Hall, who won this year's World's Strongest Man event. During the interview, Hall said that he will be making an appearance for WWE soon when asked if he's received outside offers.

"Yeah I've had offers, I'm actually doing an appearance for the WWE next month, so I'm just waiting for that right thing to come along you know," Hall said. "[I'm] just waiting for something to land in my lap basically, I'm doing everything I can, all the PR I can, getting my face out there on TV, doing radio so I'm doing everything I can and I'm still in the sport as well."


You can check out photos of Hall below:

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