Bruce "Brother Love" Prichard Sends Warning To Diddy, Wants Him In The Ring

As previously reported, Sean Combs aka Diddy/Puffy/Puff Daddy wanted to change his name to Brother Love. After wrestling fans dragged him on social media for attempting to steal the gimmick of former WWE manager Bruce Prichard, Diddy has since rescinded the name. But Prichard still isn't satisfied, and he told TMZ Sports he wants to challenge Diddy to a wrestling match.


"You stay in your world and I'll stay in mine, because I don't wanna have to get you inside of a solid steel cage and open up my own can of whoop-ass on you and explain to you what 'Love' is all about," Prichard warned. "And Diddy, just because I love you, doesn't mean I like you. So remember that, that's coming from a real man of love, the only man of love, the one, the only, the original Brother Love."

Brother Love was Prichard's televangelist gimmick in WWE during the late 80s/early 90s when he managed The Undertaker and hosted the Brother Love Show. Kofi Kingston dressed up as Brother Love during the Halloween edition of SmackDown Live. Prichard's response to Diddy on Twitter was liked over 4,000 times:


Prichard said he's going through the process of copyrighting Brother Love to prevent anyone from trying to use the name in the future. He seemed serious about wrestling against Diddy. He even recited a rap verse he wrote about Diddy, which you can watch in the video above.

"I would do anything to wrestle with Diddy any time, any place," Prichard said. "You set it up, I will be there because I ain't scared of nothing!"

Source: TMZ Sports