Buff Bagwell Claims WWE Hall Of Famer Ruined His Career

Buff Bagwell has long-maintained that Jim Ross had something to do with him being fired from the WWE. In a recent interview with Title Match Wrestling, Bagwell stuck to his claims and went on a long-winded rant about JR.


Bagwell asserts that Ross spread rumors about Bagwell's mother, Judy, calling him to ask if her son could have the weekend off. He said this, coupled with a lackluster match against Booker T on RAW that same week, led to him being released from the company.

"Do you really believe that you're gonna fire Buff Bagwell over one bad match? Come on, man," Bagwell said. "Do you really believe, out there in video world, that Buff Bagwell got fired because of his mother? Do people really believe that I had my mother call the WWF and say let him off Augusta in Birmingham? Well f**k no that's not true! Why would I do that? But people believed it. And one person was responsible: Jim Ross. And only God, Jim Ross and me know the truth, and who's gonna believe me. Nobody... The true, true story is Jim Ross created that monster, and people believed it."


As the head of talent relations at the time, it was Ross' job to inform superstars when their contracts have been terminated. Bagwell understands it wasn't actually Ross' decision to let him go.

"It may not have been Jim. Jim made the call, and that's the route he took," Bagwell said. "He said, 'Hey, it's a s****y job what I got here. It's a job I gotta do, I gotta call people. It's a bad job.'"

Ross had responded to Bagwell's claims on his podcast in 2015, saying he was just doing his job by delivering the news of his firing and he never did anything to ruin his reputation. But Bagwell stands by his beliefs.

"To be honest with you, that could be true," he said. "But somebody, and I was told it was Jim, somebody started the 'mother called in' [rumor]. And what Jim's leaving out right there, is on video they have a roundtable meeting, and Jim Ross rips my f***ing ass out."

Bagwell says that he never saw the tape himself because his father told him not to watch it. He then goes into a profanity-laced tirade against Ross, calling him a liar and saying he ruined his career. Bagwell said it would be impossible for him to ever forgive Ross.

"Absolutely not, there's no way... There's no way to mend a fence, brother, of costing me my life," he said. "Jim Ross, I feel and I just proved on tape, Jim Ross ruined my career. He started this f***ing rumor about my mother and ruined my career. How do you mend that fence? How do you do that? Now, do I think he was the mastermind behind it all? Absolutely not... But I think Jim has all to do with what I'm talking about with my mother calling the office, and starting that rumor and everybody believed it. I think Jim was 1,000 percent behind that."