Chris Jericho Continues To Spar With Kenny Omega, Nikki Bella In Movies?, Lana On Her Title Matches

- Above, Nikki Bella talked about her shocking elimination from Dancing with Stars and how much she fell in love with dancing. Near the end of the video, she said some of her next plans would be to try out a couple movies and a WWE comeback.


"I'm actually – for the first time ever – I'm thinking about that I want to do a few movies, because getting lost in a character was really fun, and I think that's something I want to do next," Nikki said. "But, I think I do need to make a comeback with Brie [Bella] first, at least, that's what I want to do. So, Vince, you're getting a call."

- Lana spoke briefly with Hollywood Life and talked about how fans will see her on Total Divas experience having a PPV match and getting three title shots in her relatively new in-ring career.

"I would say that you are going to see my in-ring journey, and you'll actually see everything that is happening to me from not knowing when I was going to debut to my in ring journey basically not knowing when I was going to be wrestling to all of the sudden be given my first singles match. And to add to that it was title match, and all the ups and downs that came from that. I was feeling I was going to throw up the entire time when I was getting ready for my first match on pay-per-view, then having three title matches in a row, it was a crazy experience."


- Despite Kenny Omega's attempt to end the back-and-forth on Twitter with Chris Jericho, Jericho sent another message Omega's way, saying he was once tag partners with the current NJPW Co-Head Booker, Gedo, and with one call Omega's push could be over. The two wrestlers have been sparring on Twitter for over a week now, which you can see here, here, here, and here. Jericho also announced Marty Scurll would be joining his Rock 'n Wrestling Rager at Sea. With the Young Bucks already on board, fans in the comments are speculating this social media feud could lead to a story playing out on Jericho's cruise.