Conor McGregor Apologizes For Slur, Dana White On Jon Jones Being "Unfixable", UFC 217 Open Workouts

- Above you can watch highlights from today's UFC 217 open workouts at Madison Square Garden. The six fighters from Saturday's three championship fights were on hand to put on a show for the fans. Georges St. Pierre pulled a young fan from the crowd to teach him some grappling techniques, Joanna Jedrzecjczyk handed out autographed merchandise to the fans, T.J. Dillashaw knocked down a jump shot, and much more! You can also watch the third episode of UFC 217 Embedded by clicking here.

- Conor McGregor apologized for his use of a homophobic slur over a week ago at UFC Gdansk. He was caught on tape comforting his teammate Artem Lobov after his unanimous decision loss to Andre Fili and called Fili a f****t multiple times. In an appearance on Irish television show The Late Late Show, McGregor said he meant no disrespect to the LGBT community. He pointed to the fact that he supported the legalization of same-sex marriage in Ireland in 2015.

"I was whispering in his ear and I was speaking on that and I said what I said," McGregor said (h/t to MMA Fighting for the transcription). "I meant no disrespect to nobody of the LGBT community. I didn't mean no disrespect.

"You'd swear I was screaming at two people of the same sex kissing," he continued. "I campaigned, when we were trying to get same sex marriage legalized, I was campaigning for that. It is another one where things just get blown out and they love to just, any chance they get they love to throw me under the bus."

- Dana White was recently on The Jim Rome Show and didn't hold back when speaking on the subject of Jon Jones. Jones is facing a four-year suspension after failing his second drug test in two years. White chastised Jones for his inability to get out of his own way and said that this drug test failure coupled with his legal troubles make him "unfixable."

"This guy couldn't control himself and would completely go off the deep end. I'm not sitting here acting like Mr. Holier-than-thou, we've all gone and had fun and probably partied a little too much here and there, but he consistently, consistently kept doing it," White said. "Even when he would completely f**k up, he would pull himself together and come out and completely f**k up again. Even this last time when he came back, fans forgave and he was the most popular fighter and everybody wanted to see this guy succeed, and he did it again. It's just unbelievable.

"Even worse than that, this guy was looking at jail time. This judge gave him another shot and this guy was looking at some serious jail time and a lot of bad stuff and that still didn't wake him up. If that's not a wake-up call, you're unfixable."


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