Daniel Bryan Reveals Which WWE Star He'd Like To Wrestle, Best NXT Prospect, Favorite Match

Justin Barrasso has some highlights at Sports Illustrated from SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan speaking at the Play Fair toy convention in New York City. Below are a few:

Wanting to wrestle AJ Styles:

"One of my favorite guys to watch at WWE is AJ Styles. So, on the WWE stage, I would like to wrestle AJ Styles, only because I wrestled John Cena before."

The best main roster prospect from NXT:

"It's hard to pick one person, but I really like Drew Galloway. Drew was let go by WWE, but he went out on his own and made a name for himself by wrestling his butt off all over the world."

His favorite match:

"It was when my wife wrestled Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam [2015]. Seeing someone you love accomplish something so awesome really made me proud for her and warmed my heart."

Bryan also discussed being disappointed in never having a match with Shawn Michaels, if he truly accomplished his goals in wrestling, the one thing he didn't like with being champion and more. You can check it out at Sports Illustrated.


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