EC3 On Impact Wrestling Talent Departures, Rockstar Spud Leaving, How Impact Can Re-Cement Itself

EC3 was recently interviewed by The Mirror in the U.K. Below are some highlights:

Impact, as many fans will know, has undergone so many changes over the past year that at times it's been a bit bewildering trying to keep up...


"Try working here."

Those changes have included a lot of talent departures, including your good friend Rockstar Spud, from Birmingham, England.

"Oh my mate, my mate Spud has departed! He has and he is one of the most talented people I have been around and one of the biggest students of the game in this industry. Despite the hell I have put him through and what we have done to each other, I can hearken back to the good old days and what we once were, and I know deep down, in the in the cockles of my heart, that little b*****d will be just fine."

I don't blame you! There have been other people who have been a big part of Impact over the last few years leaving the company – Low Ki, Robbie E, Spud, Taryn Terrell and even referee Earl Hebner. What do you think Impact needs to look to do now, to re-cement itself?


"I think people over complicate changes in the business. People come, people go, no matter where a talent is, we're all gears in a machine in a way, so things do change and just because they do change, it doesn't mean they are changing in a negative for either the talent or the company. This place is wide open and opportunities are aplenty for people to get an opportunity, to step up and challenge for top spots, people – pun intended – to make an Impact.

"So the platform is there for them to do that. I wouldn't have had an opportunity if I hadn't have come over and made that impact as well, to get that different opportunity and change where I was and who I am. Change is good. Change is not the worse thing ever, change is not the writing on the wall or negativity, change is necessary for growth and that comes from both a talent and a company perspective."

You can check out the full interview at The Mirror by clicking here.

Source: The Mirror