Emma Announces Booking, Goldust Uses Previous Gimmick At WWE Starrcade (Video), The Usos

- Above, Goldust appeared at tonight's WWE Starrcade live event as "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes, which was his gimmick during his time in WCW in the early 90s. Goldust defeated Dash Wilder in tonight's match.

- As the Usos made their way out to their Fatal 4-Way match against The New Day, Sami Zayn / Kevin Owens, and Chad Gable / Shelton Benjamin, they let the WWE Universe know they were looking at future legends. The Usos were able to retain their titles via pinfall.

- After being released by WWE in late October (backstage news on her release here), Emma announced she could accept bookings, starting on February 1. On February 3, "Tenille" will be appearing at a WrestlePro event in Rahway, NJ.


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