Manny Fernandez has always had strong opinions on the wrestling business. The 63-year-old veteran recently joined the Duke Loves Rasslin podcast and talked about what he thinks is wrong with the WWE.

The WWE has been no stranger to criticism over the past few years. With the wealth of talent on its roster, it’s easy to chastise the company for not utilizing a superstar in the right way or for giving a push to a superstar undeserving of one. Fernandez said he believes it’s the writers’ fault for not recognizing which wrestlers should really get a chance at the top of the card.

“They’re going by what the writers see,” Fernandez said. “Simon Gotch said it the best way: Enzo Amore is an idiot. He didn’t even know that I was tag teaming with Dusty Rhodes or who Dusty Rhodes was and stuff. I mean, that’s the kind of people they got there.”

Fernandez, known as “The Raging Bull,” also discussed the time he told off Vince McMahon. The WWE chairman had offered him a job as a trainer in NXT, but Fernandez turned it down. He said his training style likely would not have meshed with how things are done in NXT, so he has no regrets about his decision not to accept the offer.

“When Vince tried to hire me and put horns on my head like a real Raging Bull, I told him to go f**k himself and made him look like an idiot,” Fernandez said. “So he was [mad] that I never came back begging for a job. I was never begging for a job. I was asked to train down at NXT, I go, “No, thank you, I train the way I train, I don’t want to be told how to train people.’ I train people the way I was trained, the way I was brought up and if that doesn’t suit you, tough!”