Hangman Page Talks Bullet Club Invasion Of RAW, Complaints When First Joining Bullet Club

On episode 372 of The Art Of Wrestling, independent thinker, spirit, and wrestler Colt Cabana welcomed current ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champion Hangman Page to the podcast. Among other things, Page discussed how he became a fan of pro wrestling, being a member of the infamous Bullet Club and what being a good brother has meant for his pro wrestling career, as well as the Bullet Club's invasion of WWE Monday Night RAW.

According to Page, he got into pro wrestling as a kid watching WWE's invasion angle.  

"I got into it when I was like nine or 10 [years old] on TV. And this was like WCW/ECW invasion. I didn't even know what they were. I just knew they were invading, I think, about the time I got into watching it."

Trained by his cousin's boyfriend as a teen in Virginia, Page is presently seeing great success as a member of The Bullet Club. The former 'Kid Kryptonite' claimed that the opportunity with The Bullet Club came around at the perfect time.  

"I know that they wanted to bring Bullet Club to Ring Of Honor. Do you know what I mean? They had their thing in New Japan, but they wanted to start something here. And they knew they wanted [Adam] Cole to lead it and they knew the [Young] Bucks were there, but they didn't really know they needed another person. I had just gotten out of the Decade thing with BJ [Whitmer], we had just had a feud or whatever and I was kind of starting to do nothing. I was going nowhere. It was perfect timing for me. And I don't know exactly who pitched it, but it stuck."

Page continued, "I wasn't going up there, begging for [the Bullet Club spot] or whatever. Do you know what I mean? I totally didn't expect it then. It just happened."

Page, who took his ring name in part from Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, has a whole lot of love for his current run with the 'Biz Cliz', calling it his favorite time of his blossoming pro wrestling career. Moreover, Page suggested that he has gotten more over now that he is featured on The Young Buck's Being The Elite YouTube series.

"It's complete madness, but it's the most fun I think I've ever had wrestling. Absolutely. Right, I feel like I belong a little bit more. Do you know what I mean? I did feel, there, for the first nine months or whatever that I was in Bullet Club, that I was just the new guy in the Bullet Club."

Page added, "once I started getting in the bits for BTE, then I started to get better reactions, people started to care a little bit more."

Along these lines, Page said that he is starting to receive more favorable crowd responses when he makes his entrance.

"When I had first joined Bullet Club, I used to always complain backstage about, like, my music. I didn't have my own music, so the Bullet Club music would hit and then I would come out and [fans would] be expecting the Bucks, or Cole, or whoever else, so it was always kind of like, 'wooo!' and then a tepid, 'oh, it's Page,' but it [has] changed in the last two months! It's weird! Now, I'm not complaining about it."

On the Bullet Club invasion of RAW, and presumably saying he would like to shove a flagpole up Triple H's rear end, Page indicated that he was comfortable with doing it because it was all in good fun.

"It was fun and it was all in jest. Do you know what I mean? Like, it takes a lot for me as a regular person to get that angry about a real thing, but this is part comedy."

Page, who is usually not a troublemaker in Cabana's view at least, did not need much convincing to participate in the so-called invasion.

"When I'm with a group of boat-rockers, and I realize it's cool, it's good, it works, I'll rock the boat too. Yeah, 100%."

Page shared, "it's fun and it's what's working. We need that. Do you know what I mean? Why not? Right, me as a human being, maybe not. Just go with it, man. It's fun."

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Source: The Art Of Wrestling


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