Hulk Hogan Feuding With Former Best Friend On Twitter

Former tag team partners and friends Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake are engaged in a heated Twitter feud. Beefcake, born Ed Leslie, debuted alongside Hogan in 1977 and they worked together as both allies and rivals throughout their careers.


It all started when Beefcake replied to a fan on Twitter and said he is upset with Hogan for spending time with his ex-wife.

Beefcake then said he's writing a tell-all book, using language that suggests it will have some revealing information about Hogan, to which Hogan responded saying he was going to sue.


Beefcake responded to Hogan's threat by saying he's paranoid, so it's possible the book might not be about Hogan.

Hogan wasn't hearing it and sub-tweeted Beefcake before saying he's done with the argument:


Beefcake responded with a screenshot of an email from his ex-wife saying she was with Hogan and he badmouthed Beefcake. He followed up with some more tweets about Hogan and implied that there was an incident between Hogan and his current wife:

Hogan then ended his silence and addressed the situation, to which Beefcake responded with a slew of tweets:


Beefcake posted a screenshot of a message from his ex-wife saying Hogan was spending time with her because he's the the godfather of her daughter with Beefcake. But Beefcake accused Hogan and his ex-wife of "brainwashing" his daughter and alienating him from her life.


Beefcake reaffirmed that his wide turned Hogan down when he made a pass at her, and that's why he hates her. He also posted a picture of his ex-wife with Hogan.