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- Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews welcome us as they preview Bound for Glory, in particular, the rivalry between Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary. For weeks, these two have been battling each other and on Sunday they will have a Red Wedding match.

Rosemary and Allie vs. Sienna and KC Spinelli

- At Border City Wrestling, we see Spinelli and Sienna attempt to team up on Allie, who hits a crossbody to take out her opponents. In come Rosemary from the top rope clearing out both Sienna and Spinelli. Rosemary with a splash in the corner, side suplex, pin on Spinelli, only two-count. Rosemary up top again, but Spinelli yanks her down to the mat, a flurry of elbows, pin, two. Rosemary continues to fight back with ground and pound and tosses Spinelli into the corner, she charges, misses, and gets dropkicked. Spinelli brings Sienna back into the match, back and forth action with neither woman getting much momentum.

Sienna finally hits a Samoan drop and a kick to the chest. Rosemary does her creepy rise and both women with double kicks to drop each other in the center of the ring. Both Allie and Spinelli get tagged in, Allie is really over with this crowd, getting cheers for pretty much every move. Allie gets in a few strikes first, but Spinelli drops Allie, goes for a cover, two, in comes Sienna. She tries for a kick, hits her partner. Allie hits codebreaker on Sienna, Rosemary with a suplex, Allie with the pin, 1-2-3.

Winners: Rosemary and Allie via Pinfall

- Later tonight, Moose in NOAH, LAX and Eli Drake vs. oVe and Johnny Impact, and we'll hear from Gail Kim.

- Recap of how we got to King Mo and Lashley vs. Moose and Stephan Bonnar in at Six Sides of Steel Match at Bound for Glory. Lashley's coach, Dan Lambert, wants his team to completely destroy his opponents to expose wrestling, and show wrestlers can't hang in a real fight.

- Out to the ring comes Lashley with Lambert and the entire American Top Team entourage. Lambert on the mic, says they plan to expose Moose and Bonnar as just loud-mouths who can't fight their way out of a paper bag. Says Moose is indeed a two-sport athlete, but neither involves fighting. Bonnar - while a Hall of Fame MMA Fighter - was involved in a historic fight that he lost. Crowd starts up the "What?" chant as he says once wrestling is exposed, fans will stop coming, and wrestling will go away.

- Recap of Grado nearly heading back to England, but Joseph Park signed him to a new division within his company. This kept Grado working in the U.S., but he was run ragged and underpaid along the way. Grado then found out Park partying it up because of his hard work. Grado wanted his vias, but Park instead had a contract for the two to have a match at Bound for Glory. Grado agreed, but it wasn't against Park, it was against Abyss in a Monsters Ball Match.

Moose and Okabayashi vs. Nakajima and Kitamiya

At Pro Wrestling NOAH, Moose gets kicked a few times, does nothing, Moose does his taunt, crowd chants "Moose." Moose going to work, top rope splash, kip up, with a running dropkick in the corner. Moose does his taunt about twenty more times (crowd loves it), gets in some strikes and kicks on Kitamiya, who finally gets some offense, but launches himself into the ring post to end his momentum.

In comes Okabayashi, who is a powerhouse, but his opponents both work on him to finally bring him down. Moose gets in on the action, Nakajima a with a running kick into a brainbuster. Okabayashi gets back in the ring and eventually hits a big splash off the top rope for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Moose and Okabayashi via Pinfall

- Borash and Mathews hype more matches at Sunday's PPV.

- LAX Lair, the group is hanging out and Eli Drake and Chris Adonis show up. They have to get pat down and Adonis says they bring gifts...and it's guacamole. Drake has a bandana on his head as he talks to Konnan about getting rid of Johnny Impact and oVe on tonight's show so they won't even make it to Bound for Glory. The group isn't thrilled, but Konnan says it's one night only.

- Recap of oVe winning the GFW World Tag Titles and LAX wanting to have a rematch, but not just a regular match, it's a 5150 Street Fight. As we see highlights from the past couple weeks, Konnan then talks a ton about how they are going to win, oVe says they've been in plenty of street fights, so they aren't worried.

- Highlights of the X Division wrestlers involved in the upcoming X Division Title Match at Bound for Glory. Matt Sydal says ever since the division started it's been something he's wanted to be the champion off. Trevor Lee says if any of the other wrestlers held the title, it won't mean anything, he makes the title.

Trevor Lee vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Petey Williams vs. Matt Sydal vs. Garza Jr.

The match barely gets underway as Andrew Everett and Caleb Konley already help out Lee by attacking Dutt on the floor. Garza and Williams in the ring, Garza tries for a second rope moonsault, doesn't connect. Garza halts the action for the pants dismount, Williams dives to the outside as Xavier jumps in and drops Garza, pin, two. Sydal hops in, big kick on Xavier, hits a standing moonsault, pin, two. Running dropkick in the corner by Sydal on Xavier. Lee clobbers Sydal, Dutt in now, but Lee gets the best of their exchanges. While taunting, Sydal tries for the pin on Lee, spinning kick drops him. Garza gets yanks off the apron by Konley and Everett as we head to break.

As we come back, Lee is beating down Sydal. Sydal with a kick, in comes Dutt with a massive strike, Lee trying to keep up with Dutt but gets a hurricanrana for his trouble. Everyone on the floor except for Dutt, second rope moonsault clear out the evil-doers. Williams goes for Canadian Destroyer, Garza picks Williams up, then catches Xavier up on his shoulders and hits a powerbomb/body slam combo! Williams lands a Canadian Destroyer on Sydal, Xavier breaks up the pin though. Xavier takes to the air handspring rolling flip and lands on his damn feet! Dutt wanted to fly, but Lee's goons stop him, Lee with a powerbomb, pin, two. He's mystified by this. Xavier comes in and lands a sick flipping kick to Lee's head, pin and that will get him the win.

Winner: Dezmond Xavier via Pinfall

- Recap of the war between Team Impact and Team AAA. Storm says he only teamed up with EC3 because outsiders came in and disrespected their locker room. At the PPV it will be Eddie Edwards, James Storm, EC3 vs. El Hijo del Fantasma, Texano, and Pagano. Team AAA wants respect (and to let everyone know they are number one), but Storm says it's earned, not just given.

- We see some interviews with Gail Kim, Allie, and Sienna. Kim says this will be her last Bound for Glory, but hopefully won't be the last time fans see her. After her injury, she is coming in with the mindset to win the title one more time. Allie talks about getting the opportunity and it being a dream come true to get a shot at the Knockouts title. Allie continues that it's intimidating, but she wants gold and the fans have given her the confidence to go for it. Sienna says this time is different because she's coming into Bound for Glory as Champion, but she will also be leaving as Champion.

- Gail Kim heads out to the ring to talk about her dream of becoming champion and being the very first Knockouts Champion. Kim says that Allie - and fellow Canadian - is her friend, but they won't be when she gets in the ring. With Sienna, she tells the champ, she plans on bringing the title back where it first started.

- Latest Forged episode, we see it's down to two finalists, but there can be only one winner! That you'll have to go to Impact's YouTube channel to see.

- Borash and Mathews do a complete rundown of Bound for Glory's lineup.

- Interview with Eli Drake, who says there's a rocket ship to the future and he's driving. We see a recap of Drake vs. Impact at Destination X, thanks to a lowblow, Drake was able to pick up the victory and retain his title. Drake says at Bound for Glory history will be made. Johnny Impact says his game is so up that he never looks down, he's been thinking outside the box for fifteen years and this Sunday it will be no different.

LAX and Eli Drake vs. oVe and Johnny Impact

Not even waiting for Johnny Impact to come out, oVe immediately rushes to fight LAX. Adonis gets in on the action at ringside. Drake heads up with his title and hides on the stage, waiting for Johnny to come out. Johnny finally heads out and gets blasted in the back of the head, Drake starts hammering away at him on the stage. It's been pretty much chaos from the start as everyone is on the floor now. Impact heads to the top rope and hits a fantastic corkscrew flip, taking out all of his opponents as we head to break.

Back from action, it's Johnny and Ortiz in the ring. oVe brought in, they hold Ortiz up, superkick by Johnny as they slam him down to the mat, pin, two. Jake Crist in there now as he gets powerbombed, pin, two. Ortiz drags him to his corner and brings in Eli Drake, who grinds away at him, using the bottom rope. Santana gets in a cheap kick, then is tagged in. Nice side suplex, pin, two, and in comes Ortiz again. Stalled suplex by Ortiz, Santana tags in and flies off the top rope with the assisted suplex. Jake could use a breather as Drake is brought back in and stomps away at the tag team champion.

Jake finally gets some offense with a high crossbody off the top rope, in comes Johnny, who takes out both LAX members. Everyone starts taking out everyone with Jake flying through the air with a flip over the top rope on Ortiz. Johnny on the apron, sunset flip on Santana for the surprising pinfall win.

Winners: Johnny Impact and oVe via Pinfall

- Post-match, Santana drops Johnny as Drake and Adonis come in for the attack. On the outside, LAX and oVe brawl. Drake with a lowblow kick to Johnny as LAX and oVe fight towards the back. Santana jumps off the stage, taking out oVe. In the ring, Drake rips off the turnbuckle pads as he looks to do some major damage to Johnny. Drake whips him hard into the corner and Johnny is rolling around in pain. Adonis has a box cutter and is cutting away at the mat/padding on the ring. Drake and Adonis roll it back to expose the wood flooring. Drake then hits the Gravy Train on the exposed floor! Crowd chants "You suck!" as Johnny looks to be out of it. Drake holds the title in Johnny's face and yells "I'm the only one to hold the title! It's just a fact of life." as the show closes.