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- Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews start off the show in the ring and talk about how they are in a new location (Ottawa, Canada) and outside the Impact Zone. They run down tonight's card including Eddie Edwards vs. El Hijo del Fantasma GHC Championship match.

- Recap of Bound for Glory, showing highlights from each match during last Sunday's PPV. The show also featured the return of Alberto El Patron.

- Out to the ring is Impact Global Champion Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. Adonis on the mic first, telling everyone to shut it and show some respect for "The Face of Impact Wrestling" Eli Drake. Drake said he called his shot like Babe Ruth on BFG and whacked it over the fence, doing exactly what he said he would do. Drake hypes himself up and says everything was perfect except for Alberto El Patron, who's attack got him a couple stitches, which also means he's not competing tonight. He continues that he's fine with it, because now he can leave Canada, "Canada is garbage!" Suddenly, Petey Williams heads out to the stage.

Williams repeats Drake's words of "there's no one left to beat," but Drake hasn't beat him! Williams says he's never been Global Champion and wants a match tonight. Drake says he's got the night off, Williams doesn't care and heads to the ring. Chris Adonis tries to cut him off, but a weird kick to the face moves him aside. Drake hammers away on Williams as he gets in the ring. Williams recovers, hits a side russian leg sweep and tries for the canadian destroy. Adonis pulls his guy out of the ring.

- Johnny Impact flies into the parking lot, parks his car in a non-parking spot, and heads inside.

- Next week, Petey Williams will face Eli Drake for the Impact Global Championship.

- Jimmy Jacobs heads over to commentary, Josh Mathews takes a quick selfie with him. Borash says we have a match and Jacobs decides to join commentary for it.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Matt Sydal

Jacobs says he came to Impact for the action as Sydal and Dutt do some mat wrestling. Jacobs referred to himself as "Princess" at BFG and it's because he always gets what he wants. Dutt with a hurricanrana, into an arm bar. Jacobs feels like he wasn't given enough attention and decided to bounce, he shakes Josh's hand and heads off. Standing moonsault by Sydal, pin, two.

Sydal working on Dutt's legs, looking to end this one with a submission, Dutt fights through it. Single leg boston crab on Dutt who's able to crawl to the ropes and break it. Sydal charges in, Dutt able to kick him away, drops down on him, pin, two. Sydal gets caught up on the top rope, Dutt heads up, Sydal punches him, Dutt runs back in and hits a superplex off the second rope. Coming back from break both wrestlers are throwing kicks at each other, Sydal kicks Dutt down to the mat, pin, two-count.

Dutt in yet another submission, gets to the ropes, heads out of the ring. Sydal throws his leg into the barricade. Action head back into the ring, Sydal drops Dutt near the corner, Sydal hits the shooting star press, pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: Matt Sydal via Pinfall

- Post-match, Impact Grand Champion EC3 heads out, mic in hand. The crowd chants for EC3 and he says no, let's chant Sydal. He says he came out to congratulate Sydal on winning, which is it what he always does until it's time for an actual title match, then he loses. EC3 recaps how Sydal was able to defeat Lashley, got a title shot, and then chokes, over and over again. EC3 says he's missing the killer instinct, unlike himself, who is the grandest champ in all of the company. EC3 says he's a killer and Sydal is a "nice guy." Sydal wants him to step in the ring, but EC3 says nah and "Maybe in another life, you could have been reborn a winner."

- Johnny Impact is looking around backstage for Alberto El Patron as we head to break.

- We get a GWN "Flashback Moment of the Week" showing off Petey Williams and Team Canada.

Eddie Edwards (c) vs. El Hijo del Fantasma (GHC Championship Match)

This will be the first time the title has been defended in North America, Borash is in the ring to give this a super special introduction. The two shake hands to get things going, lot of back and forth action that leads to a stalemate. Fantasma going from one side of the ring to the other, Edwards catches him with an overhead release suplex. Edwards with a couple chops, Fantasma drops him, goes for the early pin, only two. Edwards makes it over toe the corner, Fantasma charges in, Edwards kicks him away. Edwards ends up on the top rope, hurricanrana by Fantasma sending him to the mat, pin, two. Fantasma goes up top, Edwards kicks him, climbs up, and lands a superplex from the top rope.

Blue thunder bomb by Edwards, pin, two. Both men end up on the apron, Edwards looks for a tiger driver, ends up in the ring. Fantasma tries to springboard in, gets kicked back down to the floor, Edwards with a suicide dive, slamming Fantasma into the barricade. Fantasma catches Edwards on the floor, Fantasma pulls off his own suicide dive aka the arrow from the depths of hell. Edwards goes for a tiger driver, Fantasma counters into a pin, two. Edwards with a lariat, tiger driver, kick out by Fantasma. Eddwards hits a shining wizard and die hard flowsion to retain his title.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Pinfall to retain the GHC Championship

- Somewhere, Sami Callihan and oVe are about to head to the ring.

oVe and Sami Callihan vs. Phil Atlas, Ray Steele, and Marcus Burke

Callihan with a quick kick sending Burke out of the match. Triple kick to Steele's head, square and compass (aka Sister Abigail) by Dave Crist. In come Phil Atlas, with neither of his partners up on the apron now. Triple boot by Callihan and oVe. The all-seeing eye by oVe, Jake was up on Callihan's shoulders, Atlas on Dave's shoulder. Callihan threw Jake up in the air and he hit a cutter on Atlas.

Winners: oVe and Sami Callihan

Post-match, Konnan along with Otiz and Santana come through the crowd. Homicide comes from the other side and drops Callihan. oVe get dumped out of the ring while Homicide looks to finish off Callihan, who is able to escape from the ring. The two sides yell at each other.

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell asks Global Forged winner, Hakim Zane, how it feels to be in Impact. Zane says because he's here, he's super important! Johnny Impact then blasts him out of the screen, throws his shades at him and says he's coming for blood as he continues to look for Alberto.

- Allie in action, up next.

Allie vs. KC Spinelli

We head to Border City Wrestling, Allie goes in for a handshake, but gets it slapped away. Spinelli kicks away at Allie, who just seems to get angered by this. She lands to big strikes, but gets hit in the midsection and then the face. Allie in the corner, Spinelli charges in, Allie moves and drops her opponent, goes for a pin, two. Allie gets her neck draped over the top rope, followed up by two hair tosses.

Allie thrown into the corner, but Spinelli gets her head tucked under the second rope, Allie with a dropkick to her backside. Spinelli recovers, multiple dropping elbow, pin, two. Frustration starting to set in. Allie with multiple clotheslines, elbow, sliding elbows into a grounded Spinelli, pin, two. Allie gets popped in the stomach, suplex with the bridge, pin, two. Allie hits a big move, pin, two! Crowd really into this one. Spinelli sets up Allie, heads to the top, goes for a moonsault, misses, Allie hits the Allie Valley Driver for the win and gives the ref a hug.

Winner: Allie via Pinfall

- Outside the arena, cameras catch up with Alberto El Patron and let him know Johnny Impact is looking for him, Alberto could care less, as he heads inside.

- Allie says she was so excited about winning, and couldn't believe she was in the same ring with Gail Kim, who will have a message on next week's show.

- Backstage, McKenzie wanted to ask Alberto a question about Johnny Impact, "Johnny who?" Alberto says as Johnny FLIES into Alberto. The two start fighting all over the backstage area, throwing chairs at each other. Braxton Sutter comes out, he starts fighting with Johnny Impact. Caleb Konley shows up and Alberto starts fighting with him. Now, Sutter and Konley are fighting each other! What the heck? Back to Johnny and Alberto fighting, Alberto hits him with a trash can. Johnny starts hammering away on Alberto as the two fight outside. Johnny with another garbage can strike, Alberto throws Johnny into a fence a few times and slams his head on some equipment. Alberto says the title is his, not Johnny's.

Alberto then throws Johnny back inside the building as security shows up and instantly gets destroyed. They try to hold Alberto back as Johnny flies in yet again. Johnny tries to choke Alberto out and continues to kick away at him. Johnny gets in a couple more shots and saying something about the title. Alberto climbs up a ladder up to a higher platform and says "this is over" as he kicks the ladder over. Johnny climbs up a soda machine to get to Alberto. Alberto ends up getting dropped back to the floor. Johnny ends up flying and taking out about 20 people as we head to break.

We're back and they are still fighting! Alberto hits Johnny with a pipe and says this is his company and he wants that title. Johnny is magically back up as they end up fighting out to the ring. Johnny gets sent into the steel steps. Security comes out for a 30th time to stop the insanity. On the mic, Alberto says if security wants to get paid they need to keep Johnny away from him. Alberto says Impact screwed him, and he knows Johnny wants to fight, he tells Johnny to jump in the ring and they can fight. Alberto heads to the ring, security allowing it to happen now? Alberto has second thoughts and heads back towards the stage.

Johnny on the mic, says Alberto says he's the "Pride of Mexico? He's not even the pride of his own father." Alberto is not happy and charges in, security tries to hold them back, Alberto hits a cheap shot on Johnny, DDT in the middle of the ring, twice. Alberto now tells security if they want to get paid tonight, they better leave the ring, he ends up whacking them anyways. Alberto puts in a cross arm breaker on the ropes as the refs try to get him to stop. Johnny holds his arm in the ring while we end another show with Alberto smiling on the ramp.