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- Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Allie, Rosemary, KC Spinelli, Laurel Van Ness, Madison Rayne, and Sienna who will all be vying for that Knockouts Championship.

- Preview of tonight's matches including Johnny Impact vs. Alberto El Patron, we see clips of their crazy brawl from a few weeks back.

Laurel Van Ness vs. KC Spinelli vs. Madison Rayne (Knockouts Championship Tournament Triple Threat Match)

Spinelli and Rayne face off first, Van Ness rolls Rayne around the ring, goes for a pin, Spinelli breaks it up. Rayne on the apron, Van Ness drops her to the floor, goes for a pin on Spinelli, two. Spinelli throws Van Ness back hits a discuss clothesline sending her opponent across the mat. Spinelli puts on Laurel's fur, which sends her into a rage! Van Ness stomps her face into the bottom turn buckle, both on the apron now, big kick to Spinelli, sending her to the ground.

Rayne sneaks in, gets a strike on Van Ness, pin, two. Rayne with some kicks to the face, knee, clothesline, and Van Ness slowly rolls out of the ring. Spinelli getting taken out by Rayne's speed. Van Ness in with a big missile drop kick, tries pinning both women, two count, both times. Rayne up on the top rope, choking out Van Ness, Laurel whips her down to the mat and heads up op. Spinelli slips under and pulls off an electric chair drop right on Rayne. Only Van Ness and Spinelli in the ring now, Van Ness hits an unprettier for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Laurel Van Ness via Pinfall to move to the finals.

- Next week it will be Rosemary vs. Allie vs. Sienna to see who will meet Laurel in the finals.

- Alberto El Patron and Johnny Impact are here!

Hakim Zane vs. Taiji Ishimori

Zane with a shoulder block to kick things off, tries some redirection, sweep kick, pin, and two. Ishimori with his redirection, springboards in and takes down Zane. Ishimori tries to fly again, misses, Zane yanks him down to the mat and does a little bit of taunting before kicking and dropping some elbows on the Pro Wrestling NOAH wrestler.

Zane looks for a side suplex, Ishimori flips out, but gets caught in the corner, elbow, big boot, cannonball, pin, two! Ishimori able to recover, hits a handspring kick, pin two. Zane goes for a hurricanrana, gets caught and some knees to the face. Ishimori up to the top rope and hits the 450 splash for the victory.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori via pinfall.

- Post-match Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley take out Ishimori. They're not happy about losing a six-man tag match from a few weeks back when they teamed with Ishimori. He gets flatten by Konley in the center of the ring while Lee holds up his X Division Championship and smiles.

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks to James Storm about his upcoming match against Texano. Storm talks about what he thinks is wrestling and that's beer, pretty ladies, and fast cars. He drops a curse word that gets bleeped and then switches up to Dan Lambert. Storm says he hasn't forgotten about him or what he said about pro wrestling and he'll be coming for Lambert soon.

- LAX Lair, Konnan and crew talk about all the things they want to do with oVe and how they plan on getting back the tag titles.

Sami Callihan vs. Randy Myers

We see Defy Wrestling in Seattle Washington (they will be showing up on the Global Wrestling Network app in the near future) with Myers and Callihan. Callihan goes to work on the floor, including throwing a bunch of chairs on his opponent. Fans are handing him a bunch as he heads up to the top rope to celebrate. Callihan nearly gets the win, kick to the back of the head, clotheslines, pin, two. Now the two are up on the second rope, Callihan bites his opponent, goes for a sunset flip powerbomb, but Myers hangs on. Callihan tucks Myers' head down, kick to the face, sit-down powerbomb, Myers kicks out again. Myers with a superkick, pin, two. Back and forth punches and kicks to the face. Callihan with a massive lariat that finishes off his opponent.

Winner: Sami Callihan via Pinfall

- Backstage, McKenzie asked Alberto about his match and brawl with Johnny Impact. Alberto called him a little kid who thinks he can fight like a man. He's already beat Johnny before, but he's returned to Impact to destroy Johnny. Alberto says he was so happy to wipe the floor with Johnny, "Little Johnny" went and cried for a match. Alberto says he'll just do it again and it will be 1-2-3 for Alberto El Patron. As Alberto heads off, KM is seeing beating up a bunch of random people and he asks American Top Team if this is enough proof?!

- Before getting to the next match, KM asked ATT if they saw what he just did. Lambert says they literally just got here, how would they see what he did? KM tries to talk with Lashley, who just blows him off.

Texano vs. James Storm

Matching each other move for move before Texano finally bails out of the ring to take a breather. Storm boots Texano to the barricade and takes the fight to the floor. Texano grabs Storm's beer, the ref stops him, but Texano sprays him with some of the brew. Action in the ring momentarily before they head back to the outside as Texano goes to work. He takes Storm over to the metal ramp and flip him on it. Texano tosses him back in the ring, quick pin, two. Texano with a backbreaker into a single leg boston crab right in the middle of the ring, he finally makes it to the ropes.

Texano thinks he tosses Storm to the outside, turns his back, Storm catches the ropes and flips back in. Texano charges in, meets a big boot, Storm goes for his finisher, but his back pain slows that down. He goes for it again, but can't do it at first. He finally lifts Texano up and almost hits the eye of the storm. Texano gets out and hits a superkick then puts on Storm's cowboy hat. He taunts a bit, but walks right into a superkick, 1-2-3.

Winner: James Storm via Pinfall

- Post-match, Storm celebrates a bit but as he heads up the ramp, ATT strikes and beats the heck out of him. Lashley leads the charge, slamming him back-first into the ring and then the steel steps. One of the ATT cronies want some revenge for getting a beer bottle upside the head, and ends up getting superkicked to the face. Lashley hits a running power slam, but out runs Moose with a chair. He swings away and clears out most of the guys except for one, who gets a chairshot across the back. Lambert gets on the mic and says when it comes to a circus, once you get past the freaks, clowns, and popcorn, things get pretty old. He wants to end things with Impact Wrestling and says next week it will be Moose and James Storm vs. Lashley and their secret weapon, Dan Lambert! ATT doesn't seem so thrilled with this call.

- We see a cheaply made commercial for Park, Park, and Park Attorneys. Joseph Park introduced his cousin, Chandler Park (also known as Ethan Page).

- GWN Flashback Moment of the Week is Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe. Angle eventually wins and ends Samoa Joe's undefeated streak during that time.

- Backstage, McKenzie asks Johnny Impact if his arm is 100%, he said no, but it's good enough to get the job done. Johnny can't believe how delusional Alberto is and he thinks he runs this place? Johnny says nothing else matters, this is just between the two wrestlers and Alberto is a speed bump as he looks to get the GFW Global Championship.

- Backstage, Eli Drake (with Chris Adonis) says he will defeintely be paying attention to Johnny Impact vs. Alberto El Patron as he heads off, Jimmy Jacobs stares at him for a moment before heading off.

- EC3 joins commentary to check out the next match.

Tyson Dux vs. Matt Sydal

Lots of quick back-and-forth action with Sydal getting the first pin attempt, two. He hits an ax kick across the chest, pin, two. EC3 talking about it's great for guys to win these match, but can they do it when it really matters? This is a continuation of EC3 saying Sydal can't win the big one. Sydal goes for a standing moonsault, knees up for Dux to block it. Big kicks to Sydal, pin, two. Dux with a stalled vertical suplex, walks around the ring with him, pin, two.

Dux with a boston crab, Sydal crawls his way to the ropes. Spin kick by Sydal, multiple kicks to Dux's legs, and finally a kick to the head. Standing moonsault hits this time, pin, two. Sydal tries heading up, Dux stops him, DDT, pin, two. Double boots, Sydal with a knee to the face, heads to the top rope and lands a shooting star press, 1-2-3.

Winner: Matt Sydal via Pinfall

- Post-match, Sydal stares down EC3 who stands up and says Sydal can't win against him.

- Interview with Alberto, who calls Eli Drake a paper champion because Alberto never actually lost the title, it was taken from him.

- On his way to the ring, Johnny Impact shakes hands with Petey Williams who looks to wish him good luck on his match.

Johnny Impact vs. Alberto El Patron

Alberto teases bringing a chair inside the ring, but ditches it before heading in. Wild punches from both opponents, Alberto with a kick to the gut, chucks Johnny into the corner and stomp on his stomach. Johnny with a side russian leg sweep, diving clothesline, early pin, two. Johnny throws some haymakers as the ref tries to get control of this thing. Johnny knees Alberto down to the floor. Johnny with a corkscrew senton and lands on his feet. "Johnny Impact!" chant from the crowd. Alberto recovers and throws Johnny into the barricade a few times, he grabs Johnny's shades and breaks them apart. Alberto slams Johnny's face down to a chair and heads inside the ring to do some taunting. The ref comes over - for no reason - to bother Alberto, Alberto tells him to count! Johnny makes his way back in, but gets kicked a bunch of times, pin, two.

Johnny able to work back into this for a moment, but gets sent over the top rope and down to the floor as we head to break. We return and Alberto hits a move off the top rope. During the break, Impact was put under the steel steps and Alberto double stomped on him, you can already see the marks on his side. Alberto tries a move off the top rope, misses, gets kicked in the face. Johnny showing plenty of fight as he swings away on Alberto in the corner. He charges in, misses, Alberto goes for a kick, misses too. Multiple clotheslines and a leg lariat to Alberto. Kick to the face, pin, two. Alberto able to hit a clean kick to Johnny's head, pin, two. Alberto shoves the ref and is showing signs of frustration.

Alberto goes for a cross arm breaker, blocked, springboard kick by Johnny, tries for a pin, two. Attempt at starship pain, Alberto clubs him from behind and heads up to the top, Alberto with a reverse suplex! He instantly tries for a pin, but no luck. Johnny stuck in the tree of woe position, Alberto tries for a double stomp, misses. Johnny tries to get on the top rope, but loses his balance for a moment, he hits a double stomp on Alberto's back, pin, he kicks out! Johnny goes to the top yet again and tries for an elbow, Alberto gets out of the way and bumped the ref in the process. With the referee down, Alberto hits a blatant lowblow and takes his time, feeling super confident. Punch to the face, Alberto shows some faux concern for the referee. DDT on Johnny, pin, two. Alberto yells at the referee, not caring at all how he feels now.

Johnny in tree of woe position again, Alberto rips his tape off his arm and shoves it in Johnny's mouth. Suddenly, Eli Drake shows up and starts talking with Alberto, telling him to finish off Johnny. Alberto ends up popping Drake in the face and snatches up the title. He then swings away on Drake's back. Alberto on the apron, Johnny yanks him into the ring and hits startship pain for the win.

Winner: Johnny Impact via Pinfall

- Post-match, Drake hits Alberto with the title and then goes after Johnny who is able to keep the champion at bay. Chris Adonis then shows up and puts down Johnny. Drake goes to hit Johnny with the title, but Petey Williams' music hits and he comes through the crowd. Williams hits a codebreak on Drake, then nails a suicide dive on Adonis. Drake tries for a gravy train on Williams, Johnny hits him with a superkick, canadian destroy lands as the crowd chants "Petey!"