Jeff Hardy Shoulder Injury Update And Return, Charlotte And Natalya Make History, Goldust

- Above, Matt and Jeff Hardy talked about Starrcade's importance to them and to North Carolina. Also, Jeff gave an update on his shoulder injury saying that rehab is going good and he's on the right track.

"So far so good, my physical therapist says it's moving great," Jeff said. "It doesn't feel great, naturally it hurts, I can only do so much. But I'm on the right track, so, hopefully after another month I'll be able to lift a little weight and start building up my chest and my arms. Hopefully, by April, I'll be good to go and actually get back in the ring and do what Jeff Hardy loves to do."

- Natalya took on WWE SmackDown Women's Champion, Charlotte, in a steel cage match and mentioned how it was the first time she's had that kind of match. According to Natalya, this was also the first time women were ever in a steel cage match in North Carolina. Charlotte won the match via tap out using the Figure-Eight.

- As "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes, Goldust took on Dash Wilder at WWE Starrcade. During the match, Rhodes used a few moves that his father made popular, winning the match in quick fashion, which you can see below.


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