Jinder Mahal On Losing The WWE Title To AJ Styles, Wellness Policy And Injury Rumors

At last night's SmackDown, AJ Styles was able to defeat Jinder Mahal to win the WWE Championship. Mahal was scheduled to face Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series and some could considered this a bit of a last minute change with the title. On his Instagram, Jinder Mahal addressed not only AJ Styles, but shut down any rumors of him being injured or violating the WWE Wellness Policy.

"To @ajstylesp1, you were the better man for one night. Six months I held the #WWEChamoionship, defended it countless times, all over the world. I will one day raise the title again. To my haters and wrestling "insiders", this was NOT an experiment, I am NOT injured, I have NOT violated the wellness policy. So keep throwing shade my way, it only motivates me."

WWE Champion AJ Styles will now face WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series on November 19. Mahal's role on the PPV remains to be seen.

@MikeyRovellada contributed to this article.


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