Jinder Mahal Talks Wanting Brock Lesnar To Watch Today's Match With AJ Styles, The Ultimate Warrior

As noted, Jinder Mahal will be defending his WWE Championship on SmackDown Live today in Manchester. Mahal recently spoke to Planeta Wrestling about his upcoming title defense.

Styles was originally scheduled to face Rusev in a Survivor Series qualifier, but SmackDown Live commissioner took to Twitter to announce the match after Mahal and The Singh Brothers attacked Styles following his win over Samir Singh last week. Mahal said he's looking past Styles and he plans on using this match to send a message to his Survivor Series opponent, Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.


"I'm gonna set an example out of AJ Styles. I want Brock Lesnar to watch my match against AJ Styles [today] on SmackDown because what I'm going to do to AJ is exactly what I'm going to do to Brock Lesnar," Mahal said. "I'm going to defeat him, I'm going to embarrass him, and I'm going to set an example out of both men and prove to the entire WWE Universe exactly why I deserve to be 'The Modern-Day Maharajah' and the WWE Champion."

Mahal was also asked about his thoughts on the recently-released WWE 2K18. Mahal said if he could choose one wrestler from any era to go against in the game, it would be his childhood idol Ultimate Warrior.

"I would choose Ultimate Warrior. 2K18 is so realistic, I played the game, I played as myself and everything from my entrance to the way I look, my bulging muscles, they got all the veins," he said. "Against someone like Ultimate Warrior, who I grew up idolizing, even dreaming of someday being like, but how cool would it be that I could actually face him as myself in the video game? It's awesome!"


Source: Planeta Wrestling