John Cena On What Really Makes A Tough Guy, Learning To Play The Piano, Giving Back, Make-A-Wish

As noted, John Cena is on the cover of the latest issue of Parade Magazine. You can read their interview with Cena at this link but below are highlights:

Working with Make-A-Wish and giving back in other ways:

"The excitement, it's indescribable. That I'm at the very end of the story, as the wish? That's absurd to think about."

"We all have to earn a living, but if you can also affect people? That's a good deal. It gives me the feeling like, yeah, I'm in the right place and I'm doing the right thing with my life."

Nikki Bella bringing out his softer side:

"In the WWE, oftentimes you want people to think, like, 'Oh, I'm a tough guy.' " But now, he says, he knows "a tough guy is somebody who can hold a woman's hand."

Learning to play the piano:

"I tell myself, 'You can surf the web for 15 minutes, or put the time toward a skill.' What am I gonna learn in 15 minutes? Your first 15 minutes, maybe where the middle C note is. But after about 125 hours, you learn how to play the piano."

Source: Parade


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