Ken Shamrock Reveals His One Condition For A WWE Return

As seen in the video above, former WWE and UFC Superstar Ken Shamrock was interviewed at WrestleCade this past weekend by The Delz Show. During the interview, Shamrock discussed a potential WWE return, noting that he would be interested... on one condition.

"In the WWF, or the WWE as they call it now, the one thing that I was not able to capture was that Heavyweight belt," Shamrock said. "I'm telling you, I want a chance to be able to go after that belt but only if Brock Lesnar has it, or The Rock has it or Kurt Angle has it."

Shamrock hasn't appeared for WWE since leaving the company in late 1999 to return to his MMA career. While Shamrock has feuded The Rock before, he has never wrestled Angle or Lesnar.

"I want the ankle match with Kurt Angle... or I want Brock to see who is the best from MMA and pro wrestling," Shamrock said. "Of course, it would be me. And The Rock, because he ran away from me after I grabbed the Intercontinental Championship from him [Shamrock won his only Intercontinental title in a tournament after the title was vacated]. Then he went up to get the [WWE Championship] belt and I was supposed to go after that, and he ran away!"

Paul Neary contributed to this article.


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