Kevin Owens Gets Props From Former WWE Star, Charlotte Talks Why Starrcade Is Important, Ric Flair

- Above, Charlotte talked about how much Starrcade means to her and the Flair legacy. She talked about how crazy it is that over three decades ago, Ric Flair was getting ready to wrestle at Starrcade and now he's here to watch her face Natalya in a steel cage. She also spoke about how she and Natalya have done just about everything, except wrestle in a steel cage, in Greensboro, North Carolina.

- Ric Flair is expected to make an appearance on tonight's show, and before things get started, he cut a promo alongside Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler put over the Greensboro Coliseum and hyped up his match against Bobby Roode. Just a reminder, we will have live coverage on our Twitter account and will have full results later tonight.

- Earlier today, Cody Rhodes had a Q&A on his Twitter and one fan asked if he was going to make a surprise appearance tonight. He said no, but Goldust, along with Tye Dillinger and Kevin Owens, will be there to represent Dusty Rhodes, referring to them as "Dusty guys." Owens responded saying there wasn't a bigger compliment to come from one of Dusty Rhodes' sons.


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