Kevin Owens Never Happy With His Career, WWE Offering Survivor Series And Royal Rumble For Free

- Above is a preview for the new Kevin Owens "WWE 365" special that premieres on the WWE Network after The Survivor Series. In the clip, Owens says that he's never happy about his career because he's "always wanting more."


- Owens commented on the special this week, tweeting:

- As Joshua mentioned earlier, WWE has been sending out emails offering The Survivor Series on the WWE Network for $24.99. They also have a very different offer that they've been sending to past subscribers of the WWE Network where you can get three months of the Network free, which includes tonight's Takeover: WarGames, The Survivor Series on Sunday, Clash of the Champions in December, NXT Takeover in January and The Royal Rumble. You can check out the offer below: