Kevin Sullivan Says He Doesn't Think The WWE Will Bring Back Hulk Hogan At This Point

Former WCW head booker Kevin Sullivan recently appeared on The Hannibal TV and discussed whether he thinks Hulk Hogan will ever be invited back to the WWE.

The WWE terminated its contract with Hogan in 2015 after a sex tape leaked that included him making anti-black remarks and expressing anger at the thought of his daughter dating a black man. He also used the n-word multiple times.

Sullivan said where there's smoke, there's fire, so it's possible other tapes exist of Hogan making derogatory statements. But he believes the real reason Hogan won't be back with the company is because of Linda McMahon's position as the Administrator of the Small Business Administration under the Trump Administration.

"I think if there's one tape out there, there may be another," Sullivan said. "But the main thing is, because Linda McMahon is in the cabinet, she's the head of the Small Business Administration, I don't think they need any more heat. All you need today is for one person to say it, take something out of context. And they're very, very concerned about their public image now, and rightfully so."

Hogan has since apologized for the remarks and hasn't really been in the public eye since the controversial incident. He said he's had a hard time dealing with the fact that the WWE pretty much erased all memory of him from its history. The WWE removed nearly all references to Hogan from its website, including his entry from its WWE Hall Of Fame page. It also removed his merchandise from the WWE Shop and ceased his inclusion in its video games. When asked if he would return to the company if they asked, he replied, "I don't know."

On the subject of the sex tape in which Hogan was with the estranged wife of Bubba the Love Sponge, Sullivan said, "The thing with Hogan, and that was Bubba's wife, that was very bizarre to me. It's just so bizarre."