LaBar: The Fortune Of James Ellsworth


Employing James Ellsworth.

Just a few of the charitable acts WWE has been involved in.

Wednesday the company announced they released Ellsworth. Considering he had 15 years in the business never on the national radar with an underwhelming look to be taken seriously?his run in WWE was an act of kindness by them. But by those same factors, to his credit, his WWE run was also very successful.


WWE is all about casting. Just like any television show or movie, there are certain needs that come up for unique looks to fit roles ranging from starring to cameo. Ellsworth was in the right place at the right time with the right look.

He was used as an "extra" and chosen to be tossed around like a rag doll by the powerful rising star Braun Strowman. As an extra, there's no guarantee you'll be used. You get paid for being there. Whether used as a "security guard" or a "doctor" you don't know until the day's script is finalized. The pay goes up if you're asked to bump or used in an actual match. So in the context as an extra, Ellsworth had the best night possible. Surprising to everyone, probably Ellsworth himself, this was only the beginning.


He was seen several more times over the months. The work with AJ Styles was basic storytelling but entertaining. With a meek look and stunning lack of offense, he put the UNDER in underdog.

Eventually he was signed and was a regular. I can only imagine the reaction some NXT talents might have had. Working daily at the Performance Center and learning a roster spot has just taken by someone who you would never guess is a pro wrestler if you saw him in public. But it's that "never guess" factor about Ellsworth that made him work so well in the role he was cast.

He traveled the world as WWE Superstar. Appeared at WrestleMania. Was a controversial part of Money in the Bank history. Nobody can ever take that away from him. The fact Ellsworth was such a special attraction in the most opposite was way a performer like Brock Lesnar is ? I guarantee we'll see Ellsworth again on WWE television.

A random Royal Rumble appearance or ridiculous replacement in a special surprise scenario could be the perfect scenario that calls for his non-threatening demeanor. But until then, he's back as a free agent in wrestling. For as long as his chinless face is fresh in wrestling fans minds, he can double his booking fee from what it was prior to WWE.


Bullet Club anyone?