– Lashley and King Mo were able to come out the winners against Moose and Stephan Bonnar in a Six Sides of Steel Match. Lashley’s coach, Dan Lambert, wanted to celebrate, but wasn’t surprised by the outcome at all.

“What did you think would happen?” Lambert said. “I’d like to sit here and celebrate, but what am I celebrating? You’ve got two of the highest ranked mixed martial artists in the world today going against a football-turned-wrestler and an ex-MMA fighter, who the game passed by. You know why that game hasn’t passed us by? Because it’s chasing us! Just like it has for the last twenty years. We’re on the top of the MMA mountain, looking down on everybody else, and if and when that times comes, when people climb that mountain and knock us off our perch, I can guaran-goddamn-tee you that it’s not going to be at the hands of a bunch of beach muscled, spray-tanned professional wrestlers!”

– Jake and Dave Crist talked about family and how they told everyone family was coming. Sami Callihan made his debut tonight at Bound for Glory and said it doesn’t matter what promotion they go to, they are three of the toughest guys out there.

– Trevor Lee was able to retain his X Division Championship in the 6-Way Match at Bound for Glory. Lee was very proud of getting his win after ruining Petey William’s moment. Williams hit the Canadian destroyer and Lee instantly tossed him out of the ring, picking up the sneaky win.

– It was announced on tonight’s PPV that Eddie Edwards will defend his GHC Championship against El Hijo del Fantasma on this week’s episode of Impact. Edwards was able to help Team Impact pick up the win over Team AAA.

– Grado reacted to losing to Abyss in a Monsters Ball match, which also means that his time in the U.S. is done. Grado feels like he’s finished and he’ll be flying back to England soon.