Lucha Underground Relaxing Contracts, Brian Cage On Returning To WWE, Being The Elite (Video)

- Above is episode 80 of Being the Elite where the Bullet Club headed to Florida to work a few Ring of Honor shows.

- Lucha Underground Star, Brian Cage, spoke with Ring Rust Radio about numerous promotions he's worked for and if he would consider returning to WWE.


"I'm not opposed ever going back there, which it would have to be the right time, the right situation, all that. If I don't ever go back, I'm more than happy," Cage said. "It wasn't until now that it feels like what I thought it would feel like as a kid to be a pro wrestler. I am the most happy and content in my career that I've ever been. Do I need to go back there? No, not at all. Is there a chance I could go back there? If things line up accordingly to plan then no, I'm not opposed to going back."

- According to PWInsider with the fourth season in play for Lucha Underground, wrestlers will be able to work for other televised promotions, when the company is not taping. Previously, wrestlers weren't able to do so until the a Lucha Underground season wrapped up.