Marty Scurll On Why He Joined The Bullet Club, His 'Villain' Character Fitting In

Marty Scurll was announced as the newest member of The Bullet Club in May and looks like a match made in heaven. Scurll recently spoke to Wrestling Compadres about how he came to join the famed stable.

Scurll replaced Adam Cole in The Bullet Club when Cole was on his way out of Ring Of Honor. Earlier this month, Scurll was given a share of the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship under "Bullet Club Rules." He said his friendship with The Young Bucks and their commitment a perfect fit for him to join the faction.

"When I came to Ring of Honor. I'm really close friends with the Young Bucks and have been really hanging out with them a lot, it just seemed like a natural fit," he said. "The reason why I believe we get along is because we share the same kind of love for professional wrestling; we have the same kind of mindset. We want to make wrestling fun; we want to push the boundaries; we want to build this company; we don't just want to do a Ring Of Honor pay-per-view and put on great matches because every wrestling promotion in the world has matches. When I joined the Bullet Club, they would just be me doing a Tweet and say that I joined the Bullet Club, but we were like, no, we wanted it to be a big deal that I joined the Bullet Club, and make Bullet Club a number one worldwide trend, so,in our minds that is exactly what we are doing."

Scurll said it's been a seamless transition because of the similarities of their in-ring styles. Scurll and the Bucks both share a commitment to creating great matches full of highlight-worthy spots.

"In every pay-per-view, we want to push the boundaries, and do all this crazy stuff, which is why I believe we get along so well," he said. "We aren't just happy with being good performers, we want to actually change the business and do different things and captivate the audience, which is exactly what we are here for. I think we have that shared mindset so I believe that is why it's become a perfect fit for me to join the Bullet Club."

Scurll's "Villain" character has also made him a great fit with The Bullet Club. He said his character has been a major reason why he's been able to stand out from the pack throughout his career.

"I think you just have to label stuff for what they are. What is he? He's a villain. I always thought my best way to stand out above anyone else was to be different and do something different, and I always liked playing a guy that goes out there and be a villain; especially with companies like ROH, New Japan and PWG; the action is so fast and furious and there's so many guys; guys like Osprey, who is very impressive in the ring, I ask myself how I can stand out? They're all doing 450 splashes so I asked myself if I should do 950 splashes, or just become a character? So, really that's my approach to wrestling, which is to be different.

"The fact that I'm British, he continued, "which I play to that as one of my strengths, but people here, if I say a funny word, they'll say that it was hilarious what I said, but that's just me being me, so even that, being confused by my real name and all, but overall, I'm just having a good time with the moniker and playing that role; it's not so much a role, but me going out there and being me and being hated for being me."

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Source: Wrestling Compadres

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.


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