Marty Scurll Says He's Made More Of A Splash In ROH Than Will Ospreay

Nearly a year into his run with Ring Of Honor, Marty Scurll is happy with how he's progressed so far. The former ROH World Television Champion recently spoke to Wrestling Compadres about his career and more.

Scurll, who has worked the independent circuit since 2005, has found a home with ROH as one of the top heels on the roster. He said he enjoys working for ROH because of the emphasis on in-ring storytelling, which is his specialty.

"I started in November of 2016, during the UK tour and it's been great. What I really like about ROH is how the company is built around the in-ring product, and obviously there are a lot of glitz and glamour as well, but it's pretty much based on what goes on in the ring," he said. "For me, as a performer, I love coming here and telling my stories in the ring. So far it's been great and been having a great time in watching the company grow and feeling that I am a part of that; contributing to this company growing and been having a great time."

Scurll signed with Ring Of Honor around the same time as his longtime rival Will Ospreay. Scurll defeated Ospreay to win the World Television Title during ROH's tour of the United Kingdom. Scurll said he believes he's surpassed his fellow England-native in every way.

"I think they kind of approached us during similar times. Obviously I have made much more of an impact than Ospreay has in Ring Of Honor, but I've made more of a splash than Ospreay," Scurll said. "It's not a shot on him, it's the truth. He's an amazing wrestler, but once you get passed all that it's kind of like, eh, what's left? For sure, I'm the number one Brit in this company, no doubt."

Scurll cheekily made an offer to Ospreay and took a shot at his ability to sell merchandise.

"He can have a Villain Club shirt if he wants, and he can do whatever he wants with it," he said. "He's not selling any t-shirts, so he can have one of me."

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Source: Wrestling Compadres

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.


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