Mick Foley On Ric Flair's Claim Of Sleeping With Over 10,000 Women

Ric Flair's 30 for 30 documentary Nature Boy has received rave reviews since its release last week. One of the revelations made by Flair that received a lot of attention was his estimation of his sexual and drinking habits.

Flair claimed drank ten beers and multiple mixed drinks each day. He also said he masturbated twice a day, but somehow he still had the energy to perform in the ring every night. Mick Foley was asked about how Flair was able to maintain his high energy despite these habits.

"Ric was superhuman," Foley told TMZ Sports. "You can't call him a wrestler, he was a superhero, so maybe he had abilities that the rest of us [didn't have]. Surly, for a normal human being it would deplete their energy."

Foley said it's obviously not smart to be so sexually active before an athletic performance. But he also noted that Flair still remained professional and maintained his strict workout schedule.

"No it's not smart. That's why traditionally boxers have gone to camps to stay away from women. Let me quote the late great Burgess Meredith, 'Women weaken legs.' But that's why Ric trained like an Olympian," Foley said. "One thing to make clear is no matter what he did the night before, how many hours or lack thereof, he never missed a workout. He was a machine."

Foley was also asked about Flair's claim to have slept with over 10,000 women, but Foley didn't know whether he believed him or not.

"If he said it, he did it. I don't know," Foley said.

Source: TMZ Sports


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