More From James Ellsworth On His WWE Release, Becky Lynch On Why She's A Fan Of RAW Star, Finn Balor

- The Wrap released an excerpt from a recent interview they conducted with Becky Lynch, who was promoting this Sunday's Survivor Series pay-per-view. During the interview, Becky was asked why she liked Sheamus so much.

"Because look at him! He's this giant six-foot-something, pale as … I don't know what. Pale as a white egg — a man with giant red hair. He comes with his mohawk — he's just a big, giant a—kicker," Becky replied. "He really is huge. So, you know how you always look bigger when you've got a tan, right? But he's that big and he's pale as anything… How big would he look [tan]? He's a colossal man.

"I remember seeing him for the first time, right? I was 17, I think it was his first independent show. It was in the school hall of where I went to high school — also the same school that U2 went to [in Dublin]. And he came out there, and I was just like, 'Jesus, that guy is just gigantic.' You didn't see people that size in Ireland. You just didn't, ya know? And I was like, 'Yeah, he's gonna make it.'"

- Finn Balor will be appearing at Walmart this Saturday in Pasadena, Texas on 5200 Fairmont Parkway, starting at 5 p.m..

- Below are more comments from James Ellsworth, following his WWE release today. Ellsworth had officially with WWE in November of 2016. He wrote on Facebook:

Very cool I got to live my childhood dream of performing for WWE it was a blast! Would I of liked to do more, of course! But I am very happy of what I was able to accomplish there, this is just goodbye for now, but not forever, till then, I'm not done showing the world that #AnyManWithTwoHandsHasAFightingChance

He also tweeted the message below about the blue brand:

#SDLive will always hold a huge place in my heart, what a great locker room, I'll miss you all, thank you


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