NBA Team A Fan Of The Bullet Club?, Young Bucks Comment On Success With Hot Topic, ROH TV Preview

- Above is a preview of the Bullet Club vs. Flip's Army on the upcoming ROH weekly TV show. As noted, in a Los Angeles Times article from late October, it looks like ROH's parent company, Sinclair Broadcast Group, is a bit closer to taking over Tribune Media. A vote was cast by Tribune's shareholders and more than 99% were in favor of the deal to bring Sinclair into the fold. What this would mean for Ring of Honor is being in 108 total TV markets - 39 of the top 50 - and it would cover about 72% of U.S. homes. The deal would still need to be reviewed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), but if it does happen, ROH will be available to an even wider audience on weekly basis.

- Earlier in the week, the Phoenix Suns Twitter account tweeted about (SG) Devin Booker's jumper looking "too sweet" and included a "Booker Club" photo mimicking the popular Bullet Club design. Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks responded shortly after.

- Speaking of the Young Bucks, Matt Jackson announced that their shirts are now the top selling merchandise in Hot Top, beating out cartoon characters, Rick and Morty, and any other band tees in the store.

(Video courtesy of ROH)


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