News On More NXT Main Roster Call Ups, Kurt Angle Warns Triple H, Brock Lesnar - Matt Hardy Video

- WWE posted the video above of Brock Lesnar planting Matt Hardy through a wall on an episode of SmackDown that aired exactly 15 years ago, days after Lesnar lost the WWE Championship to The Big Show at Survivor Series 2002 after Paul Heyman turned on Lesnar. Hardy told Lesnar that a little more Mattitude would have helped him to retain his title, which led to the toss through the wall.

- As seen on RAW last night, NXT talents Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville both made their main roster debuts. Mike Johnson of PWInsider is reporting that NXT stars Liv Morgan and Ruby Riot were backstage at last night's show, and that there has been talk of some of the female NXT talents moving to SmackDown soon.

- RAW General Manager continues to tease an impending match-up with Triple H, as seen in the Instagram post below. Angle wrote:

It's been 16 years since I squared off with The Game, Triple H. He's now my boss, so things have changed. But the one thing that remains the same is that I will not be a door mat for "anyone". That's not me, and it's not my style. Things can only go two ways from here, better or worse. Either way, I will be prepared.

@MikeyRovellada contributed to this article.


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