Nikki Bella On Trying To Get SmackDown GM Role, Wanting To Reach The Level Of John Cena Or The Rock

Rolling Stone has an interview with Nikki Bella, who discussed her elimination from Dancing With The Stars this week. Below are a few highlights:

Do you think you're cemented as the defining woman wrestler of a generation?

"Through my neck injury, a lot of people have said, 'You've done all you can do.' But in my heart, I truly don't [think I have]. There's so much more to do, so many more women to empower and uplift. I never want to walk away and be like, 'I did all I can.' Women have such a far way to go in WWE until we truly are where we could be. I've yet to hit the level of where my fiancée John [Cena] is at, or even the Rock, and I would love to be the first female to do that."

In the sense of their crossover success or iconic in-ring stature?

"It's kind of both. When you can be that character that comes in for WrestleMania knowing you are gonna headline, and when you are the guys that go out into this mainstream world and people automatically know, 'Oh, the WWE person, they can host the ESPYs or Teen Choice,' and Brie and I are on our way there but not quite there. WWE will always be my home. I always want to come back, have fun in that ring and tell a story, but also whatever venture I was out on bring people back to that ring. I'll never turn my back on WWE, and that's something Rock had done and John, of course."

And per those rumors, might we see you as a female SmackDown GM soon?

"[Laughs] I'm not gonna lie, I totally pitched hard to do that. The company thought it was a great idea, but creatively at the time it wasn't going to work out because I did sign on with Dancing With the Stars and no one knew yet, so it was going to be too short of a run. But they were positive about it, so I'm hoping that door stays open. I would love to come back and be a bad guy. I feel like I'm where John stands I'm better used as a good guy. But can you imagine me coming back as a bad girl and having some fun with Shane [McMahon]? It would just be amazing. So we'll see."

Nikki also discussed appearing on DWTS, how much her career has evolved since first starting with WWE, women in entertainment standing up to harassment and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Rolling Stone


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