NJPW Opens English YouTube Channel, Being The Elite (Video), Lucha Underground Star Leaving AAA

- Above is episode 81 ("Highspots") of Being the Elite. The guys almost announce a new member (Flip Gordon) to the Bullet Club, but the group ended up rejecting him. They also got a chance to meet "The famous guy from those viral videos," Joey Ryan.

- NJPW announced they have opened an English NJPW YouTube channel that will feature backstage comments and event promos with English subtitles. They already have some videos up, which you can check out by clicking here.

- Lucha Underground Star, Angelico, announced in January he will be leaving AAA and would no longer reside in Mexico as he looks to expand his talents in a new part of the world. On Twitter, Angelico said he would be moving to Spain, looking to prove his hybrid lucha libre style against the best Europe (and the world) has to offer. You can see his full statement below.


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