EVIL and SANADA spoke with NJPW while they tag together in the World Tag League. Here are some of the highlights:

Wanting to improve the image of the tag division:

SANADA: "Right. I want us to overthrow that. I want to improve the image of the tag division. Anyway, for all those guys in the division, it's the same for them whether they're tagging or whether they're solo right? ... I don't want it to be 'Those guys in the tag division should only do tags'. Wouldn't it be cool for the Tag Team Champions to kick ass in singles matches, too? That's what I want for us."

In preparation for Wrestle Kingdom 12, Kenny Omega, Tetsuya Naito, and other top NJPW wrestlers missing the World Tag League:

SANADA: "Honestly, I feel sorry for those wrestlers that they can't participate. It's a prestigious tournament, it has a long history. ... The guys who aren't entered are being told they can't tag. There are a lot of wrestlers who are only effective on their own and fall apart in a team, aren't there? Anyway, it's a shame, I think."

Former NXT Stars, Sami Callihan and Juice Robinson:

EVIL: "I don't know about Callihan, but Juice has been teaming with Finlay for a long time. Now he's picked Callihan and left Finlay to team with Kitamura. It feels like a strange choice, to throw away that relationship."

SANADA: "I don't know anything about the new guy Callihan. They were both in NXT, right? You'd think they'd be very American in style. But Juice has shifted and taken on a more Japanese approach lately. So I wonder how well those two will actually work together."

Source: NJPW