Pete Dunne On What He Knows About WWE UK TV Show, Triple H's Response Over Using Pedigree

The Mirror recently interviewed WWE U.K. Champion Pete Dunne, who was promoting the current UK tour. Below are some highlights:

A lot of people will have followed your journey on social media and seen you at live events. You, Bate and Trent [aka British Strong Style] started mimicking Triple H's entrance – spitting out bottles of water – with you carrying a sledgehammer and using his finisher the Pedigree at independent shows. How did that come about?


"I think it just came about, it was kind of the angle we had taken on at PROGRESS at the time, that we thought we were too good for the place and moving on, using PROGRESS as a platform to get to bigger and better things. It just all sort of came from that. The fans seemed to like it and even though they were supposed to hate us, I think a part of them found it funny. It was a bit of fun that we had. And Triple H found it pretty funny himself, so that was pretty cool."

I was going to ask whether he had mentioned it to you.

"Yeah, he did. The first time he brought it up was pretty intimidating! But he found the humour in it, so it worked out pretty well, ha ha."

Reports suggest WWE is pitching to broadcasters including ITV and Sky for the long-mooted weekly WWE UK show. What do you make of the speculation and are you confident we will see WWE's UK talent compete together on a regular basis soon?


"I personally haven't heard anything, but WWE haven't exactly been quiet about the fact that their aim is to do a full time UK brand show. They have been quite open about that from the start. It's still something I'm holding out for, that's the ideal situation for me right now. A lot of people ask do I want to do NXT, or do I want to do main roster. I would love to be able to start something new and build a UK brand that we can all be proud of. I'm so proud of the tournament that we did and the tapings that we did in Norwich and the small part of NXT shows that we've had the chance to do stuff with. To be able to build something from the ground up, that would be really exciting to me. So fingers crossed. As of right now, I haven't heard anything more that anyone else, but I'm still hopeful."

Dunne also discussed balancing independents with his WWE schedule, the night he defeated Tyler Bate for the title, Steve Austin praising the match and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: The Mirror