Pete Dunne On Why "WWE Trying To Kill The Indies" Opinion Infuriates Him, First British WWE Champion

WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne spoke with Digital Spy on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Being the first British WWE Champion:

"I wanted to work for WWE once and I wanted to make a living off of wrestling. They were my goals and I managed to achieve all of that by the age of 22, which then opened a whole new set of goals going forward. Honestly, it all feels like a bonus, but I am still goal orientated and I have things in mind. I'd love to do WrestleMania if it was possible I'd love to defend the UK Title at WrestleMania, and who knows in a few years' time, whether I'm the first British WWE Champion, or maybe the second or third, that's definitely a goal that I'd like to achieve."

His dream match against anyone in wrestling:

"I'd have to go with William Regal for that one. He was a huge factor in me getting hired in the first place and being put in the position I have been, so I'm eternally grateful for that. And obviously the mini-onscreen rivalry we've had has been loads of fun. Unfortunately I don't think it can ever happen, but if by a chance of miracle one day we could get in the ring, that'd be amazing for me."

People who say "WWE is trying to kill the indies":

"It's infuriating for people to claim that ... look at it: you've got girls from the Mae Young Classic who are still doing independents, you've got a WWE title that can be seen on independent shows, there's multiple WWE talents on these UK independent shows. To hear things like, 'WWE is trying to kill the independents' or whatever, that's the opposite of what seems to be happening, so I think those comments are completely absurd."

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Digital Spy


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