Petey Williams On Possibly Retiring Too Early In 2014, Scott Steiner, Team Canada Standing Out

Petey Williams spoke with Wrestling Epicenter on a number of wrestling topics. You can hear the full interview in the video above. Here are some of the highlights:

Retiring in 2014:

"I did everything I wanted to do in wrestling. I kind of escaped the wrestling business without any long term super life threatening injuries. I said, 'I'm still young, I can still do whatever I want to do.' I only had one kid at the time. I retired pretty much one month before my second daughter was born. I said, 'I'm good. I made my mark on wrestling.'"

What set Team Canada apart from others:

"We were in Nashville, which is very Southern, old school wrestling. Then, we were Team Canada from the North, talking with appropriate pronunciation. We were over! People hated us! But, people got to see that Canadians are good wrestlers. And, I think Scott picked four of the best Canadian wrestlers in the world at the time. Myself, Eric Young, Bobby Roode, and Johnny Devine. You see where Eric and Bobby are now ... Sometimes I think I retired a little too early. It would be interesting to see where I'd be at now if I hadn't took that hiatus and that 3 year retirement."

Working with Scott Steiner:

"I loved working with Scotty! From being in the ring with him and just being behind the scenes with him. I loved how ... he's not crazy, he's just intense! I loved talking to him and hearing his perspective on what's going on. And, in my character, I got to do something else. I got to dye my hair blond and transition into the 'Maple Leaf Muscle' character and get away from 'Hey, I was in Team Canada...' Just to develop a new character was great. And, one of the things, before I came back and was talking to Scott D'Amore, I said 'Here's some of the things I would like to do upon my return.' One of them was get back together with Scott Steiner, because it was some of the best times of my entire wrestling career."

Again, you can hear the full interview in the video above or check out the full highlights by clicking here.