Recently Released WWE Star Teases Joining Bullet Club?, Paige On Getting Social Media Hate (Video)

- Above is the newest video from Paige's new YouTube channel. In the video, Paige's assistant does her makeup while she answers some fan questions, including her favorite memory of Dusty Rhodes and if she likes parrots. She was also asked about overcoming hate and bullying on social media.

"I'm one that always gets destroyed on social media," Paige admitted. "Obviously the past year and a half has been at its peak of hatred, which is fine. If you actually read through them, you'll have like 100 really good comments and you'll also have one really douchey comment from a douchebag.

"You have to just try and phase it out. It's easier said than done because I got kinda wrapped up in that a lot... I'm like, 'f- them!' They're probably like 48-year old men who still live in their parents basement doing nothing with their lives and all they want to do is be a keyboard warrior just to be a troll and upset someone's day. Honestly guys, if people are hating on you, you must be doing something right."

- Former WWE star Summer Rae posted a tweet on social media this weekend with simply #BulletClub, as seen below:

The Young Bucks and Sasha Banks both responded to her tweet, as seen below:

Jo Jo contributed to this article.


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