ROH TV Recap: Kenny King Defends TV Title Against Mark Briscoe, The Addiction Vs. Best Friends

A recap of the verbal confrontation between ROH World Champion Cody and Dalton Castle from last week is shown.

Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana check in on commentary after the usual ROH signature video package. Punishment Martinez and Josh Woods make their entrances.

Punishment Martinez vs. Josh Woods

They lock up. Martinez pushes Woods. Woods pushes Martinez. Woods clotheslines Martinez out of the ring. Woods hits a knee strike on Martinez from off the apron. Woods rolls Martinez into the ring. Woods hits a running forearm on Martinez. Martinez drives Woods into the mat with his boot. Woods eventually catches Martinez as he comes off the second rope. Woods hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Martinez. Woods hits a flying forearm from off the top rope. Woods strikes Martinez several times. Woods hits a running knee strike on Martinez in the corner. Woods hits a neck-breaker on Martinez before pinning him for a two count. Martinez kicks Woods in the face before clotheslining him. Martinez hits a spinning heel kick from off the top rope on Woods. Martinez pins Woods for a two count. Martinez goes for a chokeslam, Woods counters with cross arm-breaker attempt. Martinez rolls Woods over for a two count. Woods hits a suplex on Martinez. Martinez kicks Woods. Martinez chokeslams Woods. Martinez pins Woods for the win.

Winner: Punishment Martinez

Jay Lethal makes his entrance for an in-ring promo. Jay says he needs to get something off his chest. Jay talks about something or someone always coming along to sidetrack him and his pursuit of the ROH World Championship. Jay says it's frustrating when people ask what's next for him. Jay talks about how he's the best in the world and wants to become a two time ROH World Champion.

Marty Scurll makes his entrance. Marty grabs a microphone and introduces himself to Lethal as The Villain. Scurll says he's not out here to fight or bicker. Scurll says he likes Jay and heard him talking about goals. Scurll says he wanted the best competition and wanted to wrestle the best wrestlers in the world when he came to ROH. Scurll says Lethal is definitely one of them. Scurll says that the Jay Lethal he wanted to face, is definitely not the one standing in front of him. Scurll says the Jay Lethal he wanted to face wasn't afraid to bend the rules. Scurll says wanted to face a Jay Lethal that could be described as somewhat villainous. Lethal responds by saying that he doesn't want to be described as villainous because he's nothing like Scurll. Lethal says he did villainous things because he wanted to while Scurll does villainous things because he has to. Scurll responds by saying that the Jay Lethal that did villainous things was ROH Television Champion and ROH World Champion at the same time. Scurll says Lethal should put a clown costume back on because at least that was entertaining. Scurll points out that the fans that cheered Lethal when he was a badass are now wearing Villain Club T-Shirts. Scurll asks where the Jay Lethal T-Shirts are. Scurll says money talks. Scurll talks about how ROH is letting him handpick his opponent for Final Battle. Scurll says he chooses Jay Lethal. Lethal accepts. Lethal tells Scurll that he's going to get every bit of the badass version of Jay Lethal that he was referencing and that he might teach him some new tricks.

Mark Briscoe (with Jay Briscoe) and ROH Television Champion Kenny King make their entrances. Mark Briscoe's arm is in a cast.

ROH Television Championship Match:
Kenny King (c) vs. Mark Briscoe

The almost lock up. Jay Briscoe throws in a towel from ringside. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Kenny King

Mark Briscoe shouts at Jay Briscoe after the match. Jay and Mark make their exit. Punishment Martinez comes to the ring and hits a spinkick on Kenny King. Shane Taylor comes to the ring. Taylor and Martinez exchange strikes. Jonathan Gresham and Silas Young come down to the ring and join the brawl. Cheeseburger comes to the ring to join the brawl as well. The fight spills to ringside. Kenny King hits a Senton to the outside on all of them.

Caprice Coleman checks in backstage with a Coleman's Pulpit segment featuring Shane Taylor. Taylor talks about being a prize fighter.

ROH Tag-Team Champions Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin join Ian Riccaboni at the announce table.

The Addiction (Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels) and Best Friends (Chuckie T. & Beretta) make their entrances.

The Addiction (Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels) vs. Best Friends (Chuckie T. & Beretta)

Beretta and Daniels start the match. Kazarian attacks Beretta from behind as Daniels attacks Chuckie. Daniels and Kazarian connect with a double back elbow to Chuckie. Chuckie and Beretta gain control and strike Daniels several times. Chuckie and Beretta hit a backdrop on Daniels. Chuckie hits a scoop slam on Daniels. The Kingdom is watching the match on the stage. Beretta eventually hits a powerslam on Kazarian. Beretta hits the ropes, Daniels grabs his leg. Beretta hits a dropkick on Daniels through the ropes to the outside. Kazarian hits a hurricanruna to the outside on Beretta. Kazarian sends Beretta into a clothesline from Daniels at ringside. Kazarian rolls Beretta back into the ring. Kazarian slams Beretta's head off the top turnbuckle before tagging Daniels in. Daniels slams Beretta's head into Kazarian's boot. Kazarian is tagged back in. Kazarian hits a scoop slam on Beretta before hitting a springboard leg drop from the second rope. Kazarian pins Beretta for a two count. Daniels is tagged in. Daniels clotheslines Beretta. Daniels hits a moonsault from the second rope on Beretta. Daniels pins Beretta for a two count. Daniels spits in Chuckie's face as we head into a commercial break.

Kazarian is the legal man for his team after the commercial break. Beretta chops and strikes Kazarian. Kazarian sends Beretta into the corner. Beretta clotheslines Kazarian. Daniels is tagged in, as is Chuckie. Chuckie clotheslines Daniels, as well as Kazarian. Chuckie elbows Daniels in the face. Chuckie connects with a boot to the face of Kazarian. Chuckie dropkicks Kazarian. Daniels inadvertently clotheslines Kazarian. Chuckie hits a Falcon Arrow on Daniels. Chuckie pins Daniels for a two count. Daniels and Kazarian hit their neck-breaker and powerbomb combo. Daniels pins Chuckie for a two count. Beretta hits a missile dropkick on Kazarian. Chuckie sends Kazarian into a Cutter from Beretta. Chuckie and Beretta clothesline Daniels and Kazarian in the corners before hugging it out in the center of the ring. Kazarian hits a backstabber on Beretta. Chuckie connects with a knee to the face of Daniels. Kazarian hits a DDT on Chuckie. Beretta hits a Tornado DDT on Kazarian. Beretta hits a Senton to the outside on Kazarian. Daniels grabs a steel chair. War Machine runs to ringside. Hanson grabs the steel chair. Raymond Rowe strikes Daniels in the face. Chuckie hits a pile-driver on Daniels. Chuckie pins Daniels for the win.

Winner: Best Friends (Chuckie T. & Beretta)

They hype next week's show as this one comes to a close.


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