Roman Reigns' First Tweet Since WWE Absence Teases Survivor Series Match?, WWE Supercard, Charlotte

- 2K today announced new details surrounding key features in WWE SuperCard ? Season 4. Arriving with Season 4 are a new unified leaderboard and league system for PVP game modes, as well as the series debut of the PVP-centric Elimination Chamber mode. They sent us the following details:


Unified PVP Leagues ? Overview:

* Weekly Leagues will appear for one of three game modes ? 'War' (previously known as Ranked Mode), 'Royal Rumble' and 'Elimination Chamber,' with only one of the three game modes active at any time for players to compete for spots on their PVP league leaderboard;
* Leagues consist of 30 players who are battling their way through four different tiers ? Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. There will also be Global Leaderboards and Rewards;
* At the end of each League, the top five players will move up a tier, while the bottom five will move down a tier. Competitive Points (CP) are rewarded to players based on their final league standings. The new week will always start and end on a Monday.

Unified PVP Leagues ? Rewards:

* Players will earn Competitive Points (CP) for winning matches and a chance to earn additional end of week CP for performance and placement;
* CP can be used in the new CP Store to purchase cards, packs and card backs.

Unified PVP Leagues ? Momentum System:

* The Momentum System is an exciting new way for players to get a head start on the competition. Momentum is earned throughout play to unlock powerful boosts for the next League, which are called Momentum Slots;
* There are up to five Momentum Slots that can be unlocked for each week's League, and WWE Superstars who are placed in these Momentum slots gain a stat boost before each match.

Elimination Chamber ? New Game Mode:

* Elimination Chamber is a brand new game mode included in the unified PVP system;
* This mode uses female WWE Superstars for players to build decks of 10 cards to face off;
* The key to winning in this mode is to have an intimate knowledge of female Superstar cards and which types of matches were previously held.

For additional information on the unified leaderboard and league system for PVP game modes, as well as the new Elimination Chamber mode coming in WWE SuperCard ? Season 4, check out the blog post from developer Cat Daddy Games here.


- Charlotte Flair will be appearing at the Cricket Wireless store located at 7309 East Independence Blvd. in Charlotte, N.C. this Tuesday at 11am.

- Roman Reigns posted his first tweet since his WWE hiatus due to the mumps. Big E took a shot at Reigns' size on Twitter, noting that Reigns is "only about 250" and should be called "The Mid Dog." Reigns responded to Big E, as seen below. As noted, The Shield vs. The New Day is rumored for next week's Survivor Series pay-per-view.