Seth Rollins And Dean Ambrose Talk Struggles After The Shield Split

On the aptly titled episode of WWE Network's Table For 3, 'Shield Reunion', WWE Superstars Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns sat down for a meal and discussed many things, including the trio's breakup in 2014.

On turning on Ambrose and Reigns, Rollins said he felt lonesome after the split and that he almost forgot how to be a single's performer.

"I remember after we split up, like, because that was like, I remember feeling, for a while, like, so… the aloneness of it set in so much because we were relying on each other so much, all the time, to, like, kind of carry little pieces of it," Rollins said. "It was almost like I had forgotten how to be like a singles wrestler again. I was like, 'oh man, what do I have to do? Now they're putting me in the ring and I'm doing these 10-minute promos,' and I'm like, 'ah, where, urgh…' I was like, 'come on, what's going on?' It was very intimidating."

Moreover, 'The Architect' divulged that he did not know whether he should switch back to wearing trunks in the squared circle.

"I remember we broke up and I'm like, 'do I go back to trunks now?' I'm like, 'no, that means I have to shave things!' My whole [pro wrestling] career, I spent this whole process of getting rid of this body hair. And then we got into The Shield stuff and I'm like, 'oh, oh.'"

With respect to Rollins' defection from The Shield, Ambrose shared that he struggled with his babyface role and tried to drop hints during the first Shield run that he was the one who would eventually turn on 'The Hounds Of Justice'.

"I didn't know what to do. As soon as that went down, and I was definitely not prepared to try to make people like me and I didn't think they would. I was always… throughout the whole thing, I was kind of trying to make it like, 'I'm kind of the asshole here. Everybody knows that one day everybody is going to know that he's the asshole.' I was always trying to plant those little seeds in everybody's head. And then, all-of-a-sudden, it was like, 'oh, if nobody likes me, this isn't going to work very well.' I was like, 'I don't really know how to do that,' so I went, 'I'm just going to do nothing and not try at all. I'm going to wear the same jeans I'm coming to the building in and I'm not going to have an entrance. I'm not going to try and do anything cool. I'm just going to come to the ring and start fighting people and get beat up a lot.'"

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