Sound Off Reactions On How Paige Should Return To WWE

Yesterday we asked how WWE should handle Paige's return to the company and most responses said WWE shouldn't bother. Considering what's played out over the past few months outside of WWE, many thought it's probably best - PR wise - to not do much with the former Divas Champion. If she went to Raw, a few of you thought a feud with Asuka (which Paige would lose) could help kick off the ring rust, Alexa was also mentioned. If she went to SmackDown, Becky would be an appropriate first feud for her to work with. Emma was also mentioned as a natural first opponent, but yeah, she's no longer on the roster.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

"For some reason I'm imagining a feud with Becky Lynch."

"Charlotte beats Natalya to win the title before Survivor Series, then Natalya refuses to be part of Team SmackDown, which leads to Paige returns at Survivor Series to be surprise entrant."

"WWE should have Paige fly out to England and then leave her there permanently. Out of sight, out of mind."

"Well, I never really liked Paige a whole lot, but for me this is what I would do. Her best attributes as a wrestler is that when she actually wrestles; it is a very brutal style: submissions, rampaige and hard shots (lol). Build on that; classic squashes, no talking, just merciless no emotion nothing, have her kill everyone. After three weeks she agrees to do a quick interview "What are your goals, etc." Shes grabs the mics and the only thing she says, "Asuka." Let her keep stomping away for awhile, then start a feud with Asuka. Asuka smiling heel and Paige brooding, redeeming face. Have her lose eventually in a big match to Asuka; have Asuka shakes her hand. Redeemed. Move on."


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