Yesterday we asked if you thought Team Raw or Team SmackDown would win the men's 5-on-5 Elimination Match and the voting was extremely close with Raw just edging out the competition. It was pretty close to a tie among you guys with the thought that one of the bigger stories coming out of the match will be Triple H vs. Kurt Angle.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

Hey Now 2:
"Raw will lose which brings us to the Angle vs. HHH feud that culminates at WrestleMania."

"It'll be a double swerve. Bryan, KO, and Zayn will help SD win, and then obliterate the remaining survivors establish their new heel stable on SD. That's what I would do because it wouldn't make sense for the GM to purposefully make his brand look bad so that justifies the initial help followed the beat down for Shane not consulting him about anything."

Cann Mee:
"SmackDown wins this and will be the official start of Angle - HHH feud. Kane will take out Strowman in the middle of the match. Nakamura and Orton will be survivors of this match. Nakamura needs some momentum after losing to Mahal in the most boring feud of 2017 and Orton will once again prove himself as Mr. Survivor Series."

Sarcastic Mr Fox:
"We are all forgetting maybe the most important thing. It's Rusev Day!"

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