Spoiler: Another WWE Superstar Returning Soon?

In a surprising turn of events, it appears as though former Cruiserweight Champion Neville could be returning to action with the WWE very soon. According to PWInsider, there have been positive discussions between Neville and the company recently, which could lead to a return before the end of this month.


Neville had been believed to be on his way out of the WWE after being unhappy with his booking. He had dropped the cruiserweight title to Enzo Amore and was scheduled to lose to Amore again when he reportedly no-showed at Monday Night RAW in October. Neville's no-show from RAW forced the WWE to adjust its plans for the cruiserweight division as Kalisto won the championship in a surprise title change. Amore won back the title at TLC.

Neville was also unhappy about his match against Austin Aries being left off of the WrestleMania 33 DVD, which caused him to miss out on royalties from what is usually the best-selling WWE DVD of the year.

Neville pushed for his release from the company with the hope of making a name for himself on the independent circuit. Superstars like Cody Rhodes have found success outside of the WWE. Neville was hoping to reinvent himself similar to how Drew McIntyre did before his return to NXT.


It's not yet clear when or if Neville is actually returning to the WWE, though he is still under contract and hasn't been released. According to PWInsider's report, a source said he could be back as soon as this week, though that hasn't been confirmed. Neville was removed from the intro to 205 Live last month.