Triple H Makes Surprise Appearance At Outside Promotion, Miz And Baron Corbin's Rivalry, Birthdays

- Above, Cathy Kelley took a look at the verbal back-and-forth between Baron Corbin and The Miz on social media. Miz being especially ticked off at Corbin for bringing his wife and child into the conversation. The United States Champion and the Intercontinental Champion will meet at Survivor Series on November 19.

- Today, NXT Tag Team Champion Alexander Wolfe turns 31 years old and will be involved in the upcoming WarGames match at NXT TakeOver on November 18. Sanity will be facing off against The Undisputed Era, The Authors of Pain and Roderick Strong. Also today, Impact Knockouts Champion, Sienna turns 30.

- Today at an Insane Championship Wrestling show, Triple H made a surprise appearance, alongside WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne. Triple H wanted to stop by to thank the crowd and talk about promotions outside of WWE.

"This is where our business starts," Triple H said. "Every single night in a place like this, with guys like this, and a group like ICW. That's where it goes, ICW, PROGRESS, places like that, that's where you see this stuff grow. That's where you see it start. That's where you see it boil up."

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