Triple H On If He's Had Formal Talks With The Rock About A WrestleMania Match, Wrestling On UK Tour

With some of WWE's top superstars still sidelined due to a viral infection, Triple H had to take a break from his position as Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative and lace up his boots once again. Triple H recently spoke at a Web Summit in Portugal about his return to the ring.

As noted, Triple H has made surprise appearances in the ring, teaming with The Shield in six-man tag team matches. Triple H explained the WWE never wants to leave the fans disappointed, so when superstars like Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt were forced out of action, he had no problem stepping up.

"This has been a unique couple of weeks in my day job. I really don't get into the ring anymore, I had a 20-plus year career. I wrestle a couple of times a year now at big events, but we had some illness. I didn't have it, which is why I was here. But we had some illnesses that prevented some of our performers from coming on this international tour," he said. "One thing we like to do as WWE we like to always over-deliver for our fans so we hate to kind of promise them something and it doesn't come to be. If that has to happen, because at the end of the day you're dealing with human beings, it's not like if Iron Man doesn't show up in the movie they just put another guy in the suit and he could do it. With us it's different, there's no second-string John Cena, there's no second-string Roman Reigns.

"So we had to over-deliver for people," he continued, "so I dusted off my boots and I've been out here, I was in Santiago, Chile and then out here in the UK performing every night in the ring. I was here, coincidentally, in Lisbon, we had a sold-out show here in Lisbon last night and then got up this morning and came here and spoke at the web summit. Put my suit back on and became an executive again."

Triple H also discussed the rumors of a future showdown between him and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He said that even though no discussion has been had as of yet, he would love the opportunity to face The Rock in the ring again and he'd want it to be at WrestleMania. He even stole some of The Rock's lines and predicted he would come out victorious if they were to ever wrestle each other again.

"There's been speculation about a lot of guys. Lately, for whatever reason, there has been speculation about myself and The Rock. I have put it out there, and he has put it out there, that I would love to step in the ring with him one more time, I would love to dance with 'The Great One' again," Triple H said. "If we're gonna do it we do it on the biggest stage of them all, WrestleMania, but at this point in time there has been no formal conversations had, so I don't want to get people too excited. But if the opportunity came up, I'd lay the SmackDown on his candy-ass one more time."

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