Triple H On Why WarGames Match Won't Have A Roof, If There Was Resistance From WWE To Bring It Back

Triple H took part in a media conference call today to promote Sunday's NXT Takeover: WarGames event, which will feature the first WarGames match in 20 years.

Earlier this month, WWE released the rules for Sunday's WarGames match, which varied from the original WCW WarGames concept. Triple H discussed the reason for WWE changing the rules.

"Anytime that you've had 20 years between something, you have the opportunity to do it in a slightly modified way, whether that's making it better, which is hopefully what [we did]," Triple H said. "I'm not saying that there were things that needed to be fixed, but there were things that there were some concerns about and we wanted to change those and tweak them up.

"It worked for us in this three team scenario because of the way the storyline was written. When the opportunity came up to do WarGames, the storyline naturally fit with the three groups being in there."

While Triple H said that the rule changes alter the initial concept of the match in some ways, it's ultimately about teams going to war and that's what the storyline entails. One of the trademarks of the original WarGames cage was that it had a caged roof. Triple H confirmed that they will not have a roof for their version of the WarGames match.

"We're not going to have a roof," Triple H said. "I think it's a little bit limiting. I think the style has changed. I'm not saying that anyone's going to do it in this match, but I think going forward, I try to think about the future... look, Arn Anderson wasn't doing moonsaults off the top of a cage (laughs). This allows for there to be a little bit of a different opportunity there to do some things.

"I don't think personally that we've changed the concept of what it is... there are some small tweaks, but I think they work better in today's generation than it did in the format that was originally used."

Triple H was also asked if it was difficult to get WWE on board to bring back WarGames. He admitted that there was some resistance to it in the past, but by solving some of the creative issues and the timing being right, it was agreed upon.

You can check out the full call in the video below, which includes my question to The Game about possibly wrestling Kurt Angle again at the 29:05 mark. Triple H also discussed bringing back Starrcade, his comments about Reid Flair's drug test on the Ric Flair "30 For 30" and more.

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